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Cubox 2

Puzzle Games

Cubox 2 is a puzzle game on which called CUBOXⅡ. You should choose a stage by clicking one of the letters located in the upper right hand corner. “A” is the easiest and the “F” being the hardest. Rearrange your CUBOX to make your room look like the finished room. If you exceed the excepted amount of moves, you will lose 1 life block for each additional move. There are many instruments in the game and you’d better make sure their functions. The lightning CUBOX: if the side of the same colored CUBOX touches, you lose one life block, and this only applies when a lightning bolt appears on the CUBOX. The Bumpers: bumpers will disappear when its counter reaches zero. The Sensors: sensors will continue to slide until they detect an obstacle. The Disposers: any colored CUBOX will vanish if you move a disposer over it. The Spectra Wheel: when moved, the wheel will rotate clockwise to the next color. The U Shape: any colored CUBOX will be pulled across the field toward the magnet. The Transformer: any colored CUBOX that moves under a transformer will change all colored CUBOX into a lightning CUBOX. The Shifters: any CUBOX that passes over a shifter will move in the direction of the arrow, causing the shifter to disappear. The Teleporters: any object that lands on a teleporter will warp to the other teleporter.

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