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Danger Zone

Adventure Games

Danger Zone is an arcade game on in which you will control three hot girls to avoid those safeguards to get the treasures locked in the steel safe in a short time as possible. Once the game starts, those girls are act as waitress and the dance girl in an advanced hotel such as the shinning wall paper, red carpet. The hotel has three floors. At the bottom of the hotel, there is a man eating his meal at the left side. The dance girl in red dress is near him. And there is also a guard next to her. Your target is trying your best to let those safeguard leave you. Thus you can have the chance to enter the office. For example you can click on the girl dancing to puzzle the customer. So the guard can run from his place. Then go to the kitchen and pass a blue bottle to the third floor. So the bar counter can use this to let her guard leave her and give she the time to destroy the electricity. After you beat down all the guards, get together at the third floor. Don’t forget to change your dress at the women toilet. And go through the roof to enter the office. Pay attention to the time counter.

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