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Day of Slacking

Action Games

Day of Slacking is a skill game on in which you play a girl or a boy to get the nice things in our daily life. It’s a game for slacking which wants you to forget the stuff of press in our life. The rules are simple. Grab nice things which will make you happy, such as beer, burgers, football, or ice cream and so on. Avoid bad things: bosses, phones, sticky notes which will make you crazy. Meanwhile, watch that stress-o-meter on the right. It has five lines to divide it into several parts. They are stressed, hot sweaty, chilled, very relaxed and king of slackers. The more nice things you grab, the higher you may reach. Once you touch the bad things, the bar will fall down quickly. Don’t get stressed, and try to last until the gun goes down! Control your slacker with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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