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Deadly Drive

Racing Games

In Deadly Drive, a skill game on, your mission is to reach the exit spot without crashing your car. You can navigate your car forward and backward, right and left. And, you can use action button to jump over obstacles and also perform cool stunts. Don’t forget to collect items such as gold coins to increase your score. There is time limitation, so you’d better speed up, and meanwhile pay attention to your safety. Anyway, crash your jeep means losing everything. Good luck!

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Bus Driver Weekdays is a miscellaneous game. It’s free provided by Your task is to pick up passengers and deliver them to the next bus station. Drive with the arrows or WASD and brake with the space bar. Press M to check the map. Find the shortest way or you will consume too much fuel. Try not to crash into obstacles, and follow the red arrow to move on. Ready? Go!

Spiral Drive

Spiral Drive is a free shooting game provided on The objective of this game for you is to capture bases and fight against enemies. Click at your ship and drag it to a base to seize the base. You can target to attack your enemies by the same way. The ship yard will reproduce forces for you. The white bars show the time of production of new ships. The more bases and ships you have, the more likely you win in battles.

Barbie Car Drive

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