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Defend Your Keg

Action Games

Defend Your Keg is an arcade on in which you need to fight against those drunkards to keep the world last beer in your hand. Once the game starts, you are located in a pub. There is a white cask at the center of the pub. And there are 3 doors lead to the cask. Your enemies appear from the 3 doors and run to your cask. Your task is not let them contact with your keg and drink your beer. You can use arrow keys to move around. And press your left button to throw bottles to them. The more thirsty drunker you kill, the faster and the more numerous they becomes. At the right upper corner of your screen is your yellow beer bar. It will decrease while those drunkards have drunk it a lot. At the left side of the screen is your Molotov. Press the space bar to throw it. And once your keg is empty, the game is over.

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