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Dirt Dragons

Shooting Games

Dirt Dragons is a shooting game on in which you shoot the dragons with several kinds of guns. Thinking this is going to be just another shootout. You saddle up your horse, load your best weapons and ride to the town of Rejection. What waiting is a battle far stranger than anyone has ever seen before. You must defend yourself against dirt dragons. They approach from the distance with one thing on their minds, and you are the main course. You will see them first at 1000 yards, then at 500 yards, 100 yards, and ten feet. After that you get only one more look—a real close look. You are armed with four of the most powerful firearms available in 1889. Each has a different effective range, number of shots, and the reload time. You must understand their capabilities and budget their use carefully. Otherwise, you’re dirt dragon chow. Press Z, X, C, V or your arrow keys on the keyboard to access your weapons. If all else fails press space. Play now!

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