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DJ Fest

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DJ Fest, which is a skill game on, it is a free game. Do you like music? I think everyone does. Have you ever seen those cool DJs playing music, shaking their head with the music beat? There are so many types of DJs, the one we’re talking about is club and hip-hop DJs. In this season, DJs are coming for the DJ festival for the skill competition, would you like to join them? If you don’t know how to do it yet, there are some introduce types of DJ, after reading them, you might be understood. Club DJ, using several turntables, CD players, or a hard-drive source, a club DJ selects and plays music in a club setting. The setting can range anywhere from a neighborhood party or a small club to a disco, a rave, or even a stadium. The main focus of club DJs is on the music they play and how they mix tracks in and out, sometimes just to add a bit of energy to a track. They build their sets by choosing tracks to control the energy level of the crowd and use beatmixing (or "beatmatching") techniques for seamless transitions between tracks. A hip-hop DJ is a DJ that selects, plays, and creates music as a hip-hop artist, performer or both of them, often backing up one or more MCs. So now, do you understand more about DJs? If still not, no problem, just choose the music you want then start it! Are you ready to join the DJ festival? Click “GO”.

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