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Skill Games

Doggles is a sport game on in which you are in control of a helicopter and join a race in the sky. You will challenge your skills racing greyhounds in the sky. Try and keep up with the hare and fly through all of the rings. You can collect bone-uses for extra points. Once the game starts, you shall choose your greyhounds, name, track, and control setup. When you are ready, press play to go to the race and your greyhounds will steer a helicopter. You can hit icons like bigger rings, slow down, speed up and extra life when the copter is in the air. There are many race tracks for selection, such as Hall Green, Perry Barr, Coral BrightonandHove Stadium, Coventry Stadium, Crayford, Doncaster Stadium, Shawfield Stadium, Yarmouth Stadium, Harlow, Henlow Stadium, Boulevard Stadium, Walthamstow, Wimbledon, Belle Vue, Mildenhall Stadium, Brough Park, Oxford, Pelaw Grange, Peterborough, Sittingbourne, Monmore Green and so on. Do you have interests? Join it now.

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