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Double Tetris

Skill Games

Double Tetris is a skill game on in which you try to play two Tetris at the same time. You can select different initial falling speed from 1 to 10. Once the game starts, you will see two groups of Tetris starting at the same time. But you only have one group of control keys to change the shape of the bricks and put them down in the best position. You can use arrow keys to play. You will have to take care of both sides. But sometimes you find a shape change or a positioning may be good for this Tetris group and bad for that Tetris group. So you have to adjust the contradiction and find out the best solution that is good to both sides. Once one of the falling Tetris bricks hit the roof of its playing field, the game is over. The more rows of Tetris you can remove, the more points you can obtain. Are you ready? Have fun.

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