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Dragon Journey

Skill Games

Dragon Journey is a skill game on The journey begins in a magical Kingdom, far, far away… in a dragon’s lair. An evil eagle snatched the eggs of this dragon and flew away. So the dragon had to chase the eagle for getting its eggs back. Their fight began in a forest. You must help the dragon collect at least ten eggs. Don’t hit rocks, trees, and other obstacles for it will reduce the dragon’s health. You can use the mouse to control the dragon through different worlds. Watch out for your enemies and dodge them or use bombs to blast them. Pay attention to different items on your journey. Shrink Ray will shrink you. Invincibility Shield will make no obstacle or enemy can damage you. Pick up a dragon icon to gain an extra life. You may collect bombs and left-click to blast everything in your path. A heart icon can boost your lost energy. And the tortoise icon will slow your speed down. Run as fast as possible. Go to help our dragon find back its eggs now!

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