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Dragon Warrior

Adventure Games

Dragon Warrior is an adventure game on in which you have to destroy evil and restore freedom to the land. In the game, you are a Dragon Warrior; your task is to travel north to rescue your beloved from the Dragon. In the process, your will encounter many bats and skeleton, you can use the keyboard arrows to move around and avoid being shot. Up will jump, down will duck, and the spacebar will help you to attack. The C key will do a special attack, but please use it sparingly because the special attacks will take off from your health too. Collecting fire spirits could also help you to gain points (red) or health (blue).Once it starts, you will be located in a mountain .You will have three lives. Once you kill some enemies, there may be some power ups appearing in the screen. Find the Totem to move to the next level when you finish level 1. Each animal totem has a different speed, defense, attack and jump range. Get used to the different characteristics of each animal. On level 5 you will be able to switch between them with the Z key. Good luck.

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