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Driller is an arcade game on in which you try to drill as deep as you can. There are four game modes- easy mode, normal mode, hard mode and fairy hard mode. Different game modes are classified by the degree of difficulty. In this game, the driller should drill and avoid being pounded by the color squares. You drill different squares but rocks. Your scores will subtract when you drill rocks, and you have three lives totally. Each life will last only 100 seconds, so, in order to last your game and extend your life time, you must drill to fetch the capsule and eat it. You can use the (←), (→), (↓)and (↑) key to define your direction to drill. How long this game last that depend on how many capsules you get. The degree of the game will increase since you drill deep. When you run out of all your time and lives, you are out. Good luck.

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