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Drop Kick

Sport Games

Drop Kick is a sport game on in which your task is to drop kick. Take your team and try to win the World Cup. To do that, you have to pass 5 round. In each round, you will have to score certain number goals which will depend on the skill of your team. Once it starts, firstly, you have to choose a country. And then you will be taken to the qualification match. If you score the certain number of goals from ten attempts, you will pass this round. Once it starts, you will be located in the football ground, and then you can use mouse to shoot. If the ball is shot into the net, you have one score. If you don’t make it, don’t worry, you will also have another opportunity.

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Now it’s time to show the whole world in the sport game Free Kicks. Every kick is controlled by setting power, direction and curve. Use mouse to click on these controls. Red portion of power gauge will raise the ball from the ground. Direction will set horizontal angle. Use the curve property to avoid opponent players and score the goal. Enjoy this game at All games here are free!

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