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Dual is a shooting game. In this game you become a warrior. Your target is to kill all the enemies in each level. You can use the arrow key to move, they are also used to aim with your gun. You can press “A” key to jump, press “S” to shoot, hold shift while pressing the arrow key to aim without moving, hold down control key to crouch, it also let’s you keep still while shooting. Remember crouching can be very useful in some situations. You will be able to get different gun types by destroying helicopters. The letter they show indicates the type of gun you will get. There are B, C and D. Be careful, because when you get killed, you loose that gun and get back to normal. All guns except for the standard can be shot automatically by keeping the “S” button pressed. When you get enough energy, you can also press Space Bar to destroy or make a major damage to all the enemies on the screen!! Attention, the red bar at the left indicate your health. The number under the robot’s head is the number of lives left. Good luck!!

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