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Egg Mania

Skill Games

Egg Mania is a classic game on in which you will be employed by a farmer to do farm work for him. The farmer Henry is a tough old guy and he will not take any nonsense. But if you leave a good impression for him, you will soon be running your own farm. The game is designed in the form of days. In different day, you have different tasks. You will pick the hen up and seat it in one of decks. Then feed it with a sack of grain. Quickly this hen will lay an egg for the farmer. Pick the egg up and put it to a basket. Then clean the dirty deck with a broom. An egg will earn 5 gold for you. Sometimes you have to pick red hens up and put them to the deck. Feed then quickly, or they will leave the deck. You can also go to market to buy necessary tools and grain, like a hammer, board and decks. As the difficulties progress, you will have to earn more and more gold every time. Are you ready? Try it.

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