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Elite Corps Defense

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Elite Corps Defense is an adventure game on in which you will build your own defense power. This game begins from a terrible story that several elite soldiers are dropped off from a helicopter. Their task is to find the lost science base ?Delta? in the deep forest. After several hours searching, they finally found ?Delta?, but also discover non human-beings along with humans dead everywhere. All these are due to an Alien artifact. After the helicopter is shot down, these elite forces have to kill all the enemies by themselves until someone get them out from ?Delta?. You can choose one from two different roles, the male Thug and the female Tanya, and from four different levels, sandbox, normal, hard and impossible. When the various monsters or flying beast appear, you can choose AK-47, or SMG, or BOW, or FR-F1 and other weapons to kill them by yourselves. You can also build your own defense by dragging some towers into the map, such as frost arrow tower, axe tower, light beacon, venom burrow, pulse emitter and ranger?s outpost. The more of the same tower you have, the more power they get so that they can kill more enemies quickly. The more enemies you kill, the more money you get so that you can build more towers. Let?s do it.

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Bad Pig Defense

Here comes the popular shooting game Bad Pig Defense on! Join it to have fun. Move the mouse to adjust the shooting angle and click the left mouse button to shoot. You earn score by killing birds. Shoot at falling bonus items to get more score and press the space bar to shoot bombs (you must get them first). The red bar on the left of the screen represents your health status. Good luck!

Strategy Defense 11

The main objective of this shooting game Strategy Defense 11 is to destroy the enemy castle and protect your castle. To attack the enemy castle, you must train your soldiers. You can choose the campaign mode or the single mode. Select the soldiers at the bottom. Click the tower and set them at proper places. Towers can shoot automatically. Visit to play more free games!

Monster Town Defense 3

Monster Town Defense 3 is a shooting game from Build your monster town and defend it. Move the mouse or press arrow keys or WASD to look the whole area. Information about the town’s resources, troops, weapons, vehicles, spells, etc. is shown at the top. At the left side are buttons to access in town menu. On the right side is an outside town menu to access maps, trade, attack, move, etc. Just click the buttons to build your town!

Ranger Defense

Challenge the adventure in Ranger Defense together now! Use WASD arrow keys to control. Press your mouse to control the ranger’s movement and left click to shoot. On the left hand side you will see tips appear. They look like this: new unit tip or level up bonus points. Be aware of the monsters, fire and road all blocks along the way. They will make you lose the game. Enjoy more free games at Have fun!

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Build and Defense is a shooting game on Come to join it to have fun! There are resource and unit items on the upper screen. Click on them to produce resources. They are available when they turn green. Then click at the unit to set them within the red area. When enemies come they will fight for you automatically. The number above a character represents its life points. You can buy things in the shop. Have fun!

Monster Town Defense

In the shooting game Monster Town Defense on, you are going to have a battle in the monster town. At the edges of the screen are items you will use in the game. Click at them to build respective objects, summon soldiers or use special skills. Move with the arrow keys to have a whole view. After your buildings begin production, send soldiers to fight against enemies!

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