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Elite Forces Conquest

Shooting Games

Elite Forces Conquest is an adventure game on in which you will build your own defense power to defeat robots and troopers. Many newly-created robots break away the controls of human-beings and have strong desire to kill human lives. America was greatly destroyed by them and many officers and important persons have moved out of that place. But more and more people are still being killed and in danger, you are one of the survivors who are the hope for saving the city. And you can choose one from two different roles, the male Thug and the female Tanya, and from three different ways, campaign, skirmish and training. When the various robots or troopers appear, you can choose AK-47, or SMG to kill them by yourselves and also build your own defense by dragging some towers into the map, such as frost arrow tower, axe tower and ranger?s outpost. Hero towers can strengthen the fighting power of the player. Towers of life are very cheap and very fast to build. The more of the same tower you have, the more power they get so that they can kill more enemies quickly. The more enemies you kill, the more money you get so that you can build more towers. Action!

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