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Elite Forces Pakistan

Action Games

Elite Forces Pakistan is an adventure game on in which you are an elite soldier to fight. You will move forward along rock bridge and steps at the foot of a mountain. Mage and Thug are ready for your selection. Mage is a spiritual unit of Elite Forces with 220 HP, 0 Armor, 5% Evade, 115% Run Speed and 101% Jump Power. Thug is a commander of Elite Forces. He was promoted after successfully surviving in the jungle. He has 200 HP, 5 Armor, 95% Run Speed and 98% Jump Power. Use arrow keys to move the character. Shoot rock-enemies, or they may fire at you. Pick up weapons in the way to improve your attack. Collect medicine box to recover your health. You may use rifle, rocket, laser and other weapons to move on. Try to kill enemies as more as possible to get a high score. Do you want to experience a real gun-shooting adventure? Join in now!

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