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Escaper Caper

Shooting Games

Escaper Caper is a shooting game on in which you will carry out your task with a gun. The story happens in Iraq. Saddam Hussein remains under U.S. lock and key. He was imprisoned in the U.S. Interrogation centre on the TOP Street. There is a bulletin on the wall: trespassers will be invaded. Saddam was sitting in the chair with his being tied up. He was watching a puppet show and he got angry because the puppets show took him to crack a joke. When the safeguarding and Saddam were bickering, an intruder in white intruded the room by blowing up the wall. He rescued Saddam and they were escaping by jet packs. You, as a watchman, should not let them go. You can shoot them with the mouse by pressing the Left button. Your time is limited, so, save time. Carry out your task!

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