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Excite Bike

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Excite Bike is an arcade game on in which you kill many people on the road by riding your motor bike. In the game you are allowed to hit pedestrians on the road by your motorbike. So don’t have a mercy. Just destroy as more as possible within the time limit to relax yourself. This is just a game and it is not in real life. You can use the arrow keys to steer your motorbike. Hit pedestrians, passengers, workers, children, and cops. You may also try to hit other motorbike riders and make them crash. You are the champion killer here. The blood dyes the ground red. It is easy to play. You can join now.

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Rapunzel's Bike Summer Outfit

Getting to spend all of your days outside in the sun is one of the best things that you can do and there is always a fun activity that you can do. Amongst that, biking might just be the most fun! In the warm summer days your bike can be your best friend that follows you in the most wonderful adventures. In this brand new game called Bike Summer Outfit, you will get to have a really fun time decorating a beautiful bike and getting it back into shape just in time for summer.

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