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Excited Insects

Shooting Games

Excited Insects is a shooting game on in which you shoot beasts and spiders in a forest. Have you ever seen the blockbuster Transformer? The hero in this game is Optimus Prime. You are in control of this robot hero. And you can use you mouse to aim and shoot. Once the game starts, you will be located beside some bushes in the forest. Various poisonous spiders move towards you and want to swallow you. You must kill them using your pistol. Don’t worry. Your weapon can upgrade as you progress. You can collect bullets for machinegun, rifle and pistol. You can pick up items to gain shield, upgrade your powers and obtain an extra life after killing some important creatures. Though as animals or monsters, the enemies have patrol beast, fighter spider, and scorpion killer. Yes, they have specific classification and division of labor. They are not just insects. You must move left and right to avoid being bitten or surrounded by enemies. Try to kill all beasts for high score. Ready? Play now.

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