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Exodus Core

Adventure Games

Exodus Core is an adventure game on in which you help the girl to find out all the clues in a cabin so that to arrest the murderer. There are many rooms in the cabin, you need to open all the doors and go into all the rooms to find the clues. The rooms are all different, and there will be toilet, kitchen, and dining room and so on. Don’t miss all the small stuff on the ground or other place, they are all useful. Press spacebar to pick up things. You should use the arrow keys to control the girl. Use the SHIFT and arrow keys so that the girl runs faster. When the girl finds the gun, you can click the hand symbol in the left of the screen to make her hold the gun. Click the symbol again, and she will put down the gun. It is a game that needs high wisdom not controlling skill, so it may be more fun.

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