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Extrem Creme Control

Puzzle Games

Extrem Crème Control is a puzzle game on Your objective is to help control the crème production on the planet Emerc. Pipe by pipe, and build the longest pipeline before the crème bits pour out. The longer the pipeline, the more points you earn. To pass a level, connect the pipe to the Oreo O’s box. Watch out for the alien who wants the delicious crème for himself. To distract him, you can click the cereal bowl, then on the alien, or risk losing points or that level. Pipes can be put over obstacles or another pipe, but it will take longer to build. If a pipe does not fit, you can place it anywhere on the game grid. Watch the crème countdown to check the time before the pump activates. And place your cursor where you want to drop the piece of pipe on the grid and click. As crème flows through each new pipe piece you lay, you can earn points. You can use the cross-shaped pipes to create a circular flow for bonus points. If the alien chews through the pipe, you will lose points. Have fun!

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