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Extreme Heli Boarding

Sport Games

Extreme Heli Boarding is a sport game on in which you will go skiing in a snowy day and at a snow mountain. You will be dropped off from a helicopter and start your skiing. Nobody else is in the mountain and it’s snowing. The searing wind shrieks behind you, but nothing can block you. Our skiing hero! Here you begin your adventure. Use the Up key to move forward and press down key to slow down. Left and right key can be used to help you lean left and right. You can also jump by spacebar. On the trip, try to collect gray star icons for extra time and pick up white star icons to get bonus points. Your total score points increase by performing aerial flips. Jump high on time to avoid hitting logs, pigs, and other obstacles, or your ski will be broken. You must get to a checkpoint within time limit. Skiing now!

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