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Fairy Treasure

Classic Games

Welcome to Fairy Treasure, an adventure game on where you will explore the treasure on the fairy land with the help of a small ball. You shoot the ball to hit bricks and bonuses in the air and receive it when it falls down, and once it falls off the game area, you lose one life. There are many bonuses, such as strong ball, three ball which can give you another two balls, red bottle which contains liquid that can make your ball go wacky, and gold coins which can help you get extra lives. The frog will capture the ball, the devil will hurt you, the witch will throw bricks at you, so be careful. You can release a fairy to help you. Good luck!

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Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure is a miscellaneous game provided by Towers gain experience for shooting at enemies. If a tower has enough experience you can upgrade it to the next level. So if you see UP icon over a tower, click on it and upgrade the tower in the tower’s window. You can control the speed of the game with time control buttons. Wish you good luck! Have fun!

Cursed Treasure Level Pack

In the game Cursed Treasure Level Pack, your goal is to keep your gems from being stolen. Enemies go from the entrance to the cave, take one gem and carry it back to the entrance. The mission will be completed. To destroy the enemies you should build towers. Be sure you have enough golds to afford a tower. You will earn gold for each destroyed enemy. Enjoy more miscellaneous games on

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