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Fashion Run

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Fashion Run is a fashion Girl game on . the girl named"Lucy" open her new boutiques so you should help her to travel around the 5 famous modern cities from her home town "New York"to "Honkong" "london""milan""paris". every city have 10 days ,during the limited days you have needed money and expert goal to achieve, That is  to  earn  the  maximum  amount  of  money  and do not drain any customer. you should use mouse to help her , a customer might want to look at many items before asking to try or to pay for it ,so you should click and drag the customer over the desired item. when a customer asks to try an item, you should click and drag her over an available fitting room.a customer can’t be placed in a fitting room if there are clothes on the chair beside it so you should clean up the chair by click on the piled item then click on the mixed clothes rack, if the customer wants to try another item, click on the desired item then click on the fitting room to give it to her. when the customer is ready to pay ,you should click and drag her over the checkout desk. before she leaved you must wrap her new clothes. you should click on the desired wrapping. and you must clean up the store to finish a day. so everyday your work doing good depend on your customers served and total earned ,you have a expert goal and a needed money standard to calculate your works and your test include the customers ’ patient and decision how quickly and you will be able to offer trees flowers to unhappy customers,when you doing good you will be allow to continue the good work for another challenge shopping day and journey to another city!

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