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FatB Midget Tossing

Action Games

FatB Midget Tossing is an arcade game on in which you toss midgets from one side to the other side of a valley. It’s a fine day. Your friends, a group of dwarves, want to play at the other side of a valley. Only you can help him since you are so strong and powerful. Yes, you will toss them across the valley using your arm and hands. You can move the mouse to change the angle and press the space bar to toss. Several kind strangers have prepared to catch midgets when they land. If the midgets land in the kind guys’ basket, you can earn 5 points. Land in a bigger basket carried by two guys for 10 points. Your target is to reach 100 whilst hurting as few little people as possible… or whatever. You must be careful, or the midgets may fall down into the deep valley. Are you ready? Good luck!

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