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Winter Firefighters Truck 2

The city is on fire in the game Winter Firefighters Truck 2! Join us to save people! You are a firefighter. After receiving the call, you should drive the truck and run to the fires as soon as possible. Control your truck with arrow keys and use the space bar to brake. Arrows on the way point your direction. Avoid obstacles to prevent clashing your truck! This sport game is provided by

WW2 Dogfight Warplane Age

Complete the mission in the air! Destroy enemy fighters! Press space to shoot, and use arrow keys or WASD to move your plane. The height of the enemy fighter and the position of your base are shown at the margin. Pay attention to the number and arrows, and adjust your flying height. Make sure that do not crash. This shooting game WW2 Dogfight Warplane Age is from Just have fun!

Comic Stars Fighting

Play free game Comic Stars Fighting on

Dogfight SIM

Dogfight SIM is a shooting game. Use either mouse or keyboard to control the plane. Press left mouse button or Ctrl to fire with machine gun or drop bombs. Tab switches between normal cam and bomb cam. Armed humans will try to attack you. Attack them from behind before they see you. Keep an eye on them. Enjoy more games on This game is totally free.

KungFu Quest The Jade Tower

In the action game KungFu Quest The Jade Tower, your target is to beat all the enemies and make your way up to the top of the tower. Use arrow keys to control your direction, and space bar to attack. Double tab arrow key is for evasion rolling. Use different strike to move and make your own combos to get higher score. You can use them to upgrade and customize yourself. There are more free games on Have fun and good luck!

Warriors And Archers

Warriors And Archers is a fighting game. Press direction keys to walk. You can use your mouse or Enter keys to attack. Attack types occur randomly to note. Press P to pause. You can also walk with WASD arrow keys. Use space bar or Y to attack. Your opponents will try to attack you. Attack them from behind before they see you. Visit to enjoy this free game! Good luck!

King of Fighters Wing

You can choose your opponent—computer or the other player. Use AD to move. Press J to attack. The target in the game is to knock out the opponent. Try to avoid the enemy attacking. Do you want to join in the hero and achieve a high score? Come on now! Keep an eye on it. Wish you good luck with a harvest! provides this fighting game King of Fighters Wing. Have fun here!


The fighting game MonsterCraft is interesting. Come to www.flash-game to enjoy it. You are supposed to create your own monsters in the craft lab and send them to arena to fight with others. Click at the lab and drag the monster in to main team. You can combine the monsters into new ones. Click at arena to start fight. If you want money, click at hunting. For each fight you win, you get $50. Now, let’s have fun!

Monster Arena

In this fighting game Monster Arena, you can train monsters and try to make them your lovely pet. There are two modes: train mode and pet mode. In train mode, you can train the power, ability of defense, agility, and intelligence of the monster. In pet mode, you can play and praise with monsters, or bath and brush them. You can also warn, scold, yell, or ground them. Play with monster pets at

Red Bull Kart Fighter WT

Visit to join the defense of the air cleaner. You are supposed to clear waves of zombies in the racing game Red Bull Kart Fighter WT. Move with arrow keys, left click to shoot or attack and press Q or E to change your weapons. Keys 1 to 7 are for different traps and use the space bar to throw grenades (number limited). The key R is for reload. Head shot kills the zombies most effectively and earns your more score. Good luck!

Adventure Time Fionna Fights

A swarm of monsters attack Fionna and Marshall Lee on their way to the prince’s party. Help them to eliminate enemies as many as you can. Click to kill enemies. Don’t let monsters pass you, otherwise you will lose energy. Hit multiple enemies to earn combos. When you earn enough money, you can buy weapons in the shop. The bar at the top shows your energy. This action game Adventure Time Fionna Fights is from

Kof Wing 19

Kof Wing 19 is challenging. You can choose one partner according to your preference. It may be computer or other player. Press AD arrow keys to move and WS arrow keys to jump. Use UIOJKL arrow keys to choose the mode of attacking, for example kicking and boxing. When you are attacked by opponents, you can retreat. Enjoy this free shooting game on Let’s start.

The King Of Fighters 2

The King Of Fighters is a fighting game. You can choose your opponent—computer or the other player. Use AD to move and w to jump. Press UIOJKL keys to attack. The target in the game is to knock out the opponent. Try to avoid the enemy attacking. Do you want to join in it and achieve a high score? Come on now! Keep an eye on it. Wish you good luck. provides this free game.

Loot Heroes

Loot Heroes is here on Choose a character among four different types to start your game. Some characters can be unlocked when you reach certain level. Click to move and attack, and use the space bar to use skill. There are boxes with bonus objects. You can unlock them only after you kill all the enemies. Click at items on the right bottom to view your status. Try to be a hero in this fighting game!

The Arena

You are a gladiator named Mimimus this time, fighitng hard in an arena. Operation is super simple, there are just 2 buttons : left arrow key is used to block and the right key to attack! After it is super simple, when your opponent raises his lance, attack it (his life bar goes down), when you see that it points his lance towards you, block imediatement (if not your bar of life drops)!!!!! Well on the goal of the play and to manage cause a drop in the bar of life of your adersaire with 0!! If it is him which arrives there you lost!!!!!

Chao Faction

Chao Faction is a fighting game on in which you will choose a character and fight with various opponents. You can press left or right arrow keys to move left or right. You can attack the enemy by pressing Z or X. If you want to jump, you can press up arrow key. When you need to shield, you can press down arrow key. You can set the background of the game as you like, such as mountain, space, volcano, swamp, desert, canyon, metropolis, sky, field, ice, ocean and so on. There are 3 kinds of games for you to choose: Campaign, Deathmatch and Survival. If you choose to play in the campaign, you will go face to face with a boss and fight with him. If you plat the deathmatch, you can select game type at the beginning. Then the fight begins and you have to survive under the rule of the game. If you come to the survival game, you should kill as many enemies as possible and win points. Play now.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, which is a fighting game on Bruce Lee is a chinese hero in 1970, everyone knows him and heard how he beat those Japanese to fight for Chinese. His body was weak in his childhood, so that his father tought him to play Tai- Chi quan when he was 7 years old for trainning his body. When he was 14 years old, he became a pupil of his master, Ye-Wen for learning Wing- Tsun, chinese martail art. After he created his own martial art which mixed with Wing- tsun and Taoism, called Jeet Kune Do. Let’s see how he beat those enemies!

Bush vs Kerry

Bush vs Kerry is a fighting game on in which you fight against your rival. Before this game, you must choose your opponent from Bush and Kerry. Then, during the game you can use the W and S key to left and right upper cut and use the A and D key to left and right jab, besides, holding spacebar is your defensive block and let you regain your strength. This game have three modes-easy mode、medium mode and hard mode which are classified by their degree of difficulty. Since the game starts, you have faced to your opponent who is ready to attract you at any moment. In this game, you must try to get three rounds before your opponent and win the game, or try again. Play now.

Spartacus First Blood

Spartacus First Blood, a fighting game on, will never disappoint you. Use arrow keys or WASD to move and hit A, A/ D, D or double tap on arrows keys to run. Hit Z or J to light attack, X or K to heavy attack, and C or L to guard and pick weapon. Press Space for spectator rush which will consume moral bar, and hit P to pause the game. In cinematic mode, you must press the right button at the right time before the enemy got you. Have fun!

Counter Punch

Counter Punch is a fighting game on in which you are a boxing player and you have to fight with strong opponents. Use A/S to left /right strong punch, Z/X to left or right low punch, use up-arrow key and Z-key simultaneously to left high punch, down-arrow key and X-key simultaneously to right the high punch. Press up-arrow/down arrow keys to block high/low, left-arrow /right arrow keys to dodge left/right. If you get knocked down, jam on the keys to get up. Look out for the energy meter in the top of the screen, the left is yours and the right is your opponent’s. Beat your adversary with powerful strikes, curtail his energy meter and then you will win. But if your energy runs out first, you lose the match.

Stoneage Fight

Have you ever imagined what life would be if you lived in Stone Age? Would you be afraid when facing so many wild animals? Stoneage Fight is a skill game on where you can experience life in prehistory. In the game, you should beat whatever appears such as dinosaurs, snakes, lions, hares and little creatures. You get different scores as hitting different enemies. All the animals will show up randomly, so you have to focus your attention. Watch out those flying birds. They may drop down apples and hearts which will add your points, but sometimes they will throw stubs to you. Avoid being hit by those wooden blocks for they cost your lives. To win you have to collect 3000 points. Good luck!

Sumo Slam

Sumo Slam is a fighting game on In the game, you shall control your character and attempt to bump the other players off of the sides in three different exciting gameplay modes. In journey mode, you will travel through “Sumo Land” and try to place first on every level. Beating a level will unlock it for play in multiplayer mode, and allow you to compete in the next location. In multiplayer mode, up to four people may play in multiplayer mode. In Endurance mode, you shall defeat as many other Sumo players as possible before falling off. You can select an arena. The fight may happen on the top of an iceberg. You can use arrow keys to move your player and hit others. Try to win in every round. You can practice it more times for skills. Be careful – the playing field is very slippery. Good luck!

Power Fox

You can find this game in the category ?fight?. You are Fox, a kind of fox (finally I think, unless that is a squirrel). You will have to beat you against different boss, and this in 3 lieus: Uruguay, Germany and Japan. To gain, you must beat the boss with 2 recoveries. You have at your disposal your fist but also many weapons which are in cases which go down from the sky (there are rifles, launches flame, helicopter?). Your bar of life is on the left and that of your adversary on the right. The first which has its bar with 0 lost. Controls: 4 the arrow directional ones to be driven and touches it A to attack. You have the choice between 3 modes of difficulty.

Courier Combat

Courier Combat is an adventure game on in which you play as a warrior to get the progress city fusion orb back which has been snatched by a strange doctor. Unless you get it back, the power will shut down and it is lights out in the progress city. You fly to a modern city by rocket and appear on the arena. There will be many robots standing before you as they are sent to stop you to get your target back. Try to feat them until you meet the last boss. Take care! When power bar is full, hit the space bar for a power move. And there are 6 rounds lasting 40 seconds each. If your health runs out, the battle is over. Good luck!

Naruto Bankai

Game based on Naruto, the Japanese manga serie. You must reproduce incantations before a limited time. Gain in force and in chakra and to visualize the best combat video clips of the series... Technique: memorize the signs to make a good sequence and to succeed. The keys are: numeric keypad and CTRL and the spacebar.

Arm Wrestling

People especially men have different ways to show their strength. And they are satisfied when calling others losers. Now you have a chance to show yourself. Arm Wrestling is a classic game on where you arm wrestle Grampa Grumble. In theory, it’s a simple game. All you should do is to defeat him. To win, you should let power level rise before hitting the button. The more power, the further his arm goes down. Are you ready to be a winner? Bring his arm to the table! Just show us.

Snow Fight

Snow Fight is an arcade game on in which you are in control of a group of kids to fight against their opponents with snow balls and defeat them. They may throw snowballs at each other at school ground, railway station, near the river and other places. When the game starts, you shall press a red man’s body in the left button of your mouse at first. Then a power bar will appear on the red kid’s head. The power block will increase gradually until the power bar is full. By then, you should release the left button of your mouse and this red kid that has been clicked will throw a snowball. According to the amount of the power block, the snowball will reach different place. Your task is to kill all the blue men. Use the snowballs and your wisdom to kill off all the blue men, and you will win. As levels up, the blue men will become more and more. Do you want to have a try? Join now.

Dragon Age Legends Remix 01

Play free game Dragon Age Legends Remix 01 on

King of Fighters

King of fighters, which is a fighting game on Fighting, sort of like an active for a little boy. After they came back from the school, mother always can see their white clothes got dirt and some different color on their face. Little boys also like to play the fighting games, such as Wii, PSP, PS2, PS3...etc. And this game is also the boys’ favorite fighting game in Japan. Are you interesting of it? Click "How to play" to learn to play and start your game! Enjoy it!

Blob 2

Blob 2 is an arcade game on in which your object is to explode before your opponent. There are five levels in this game, they are dead easy、quite easy、normal、quite hard and very hard. Click “PLAYER 1”, choose the level you want to play, then the game start. Blue player 1 is at the left side of the screen and red computer at the right side. The object is to explode before your opponent. Repeatedly hit the keys alternately to pump yourself up, when you reach critical mass you’ll explode! The winner is decided by the best of three rounds. Keys “Z” and “X” lead player 1 and Keys “O” and “P” lead computer. Have fun!

Grave Yard

A combat game between two skeletons. The game control and the principle are simple. You must put KO your adversary. Up key is used to jump, Down key to squat itself, Right and Left keys to move and O to give a kick and P to put a blow of fist.

Gladicus Zero

Gladicus Zero is a fighting game on In the game, you are Gladicus Zero and your job is to fight other robots to the death. It sounds pretty easy, right? No. You can buy different weapons to fight. XL5 Annihilator can launch small hydrogen fusion bombs at your enemies and blow them to smithereens. The Tyranator can blow your enemies into orbit with powerful neutron blasts. Seeker Mine Launcher can deploy multiple seeker mines that hunt down your enemies and explode with lethal amounts of radiation. The Armageddon can launch mini nuclear missiles at your foes, and destroy anyone foolish enough to stand in its path. X50 Hell Storm can launch highly explosive devices that burst into raining napalm and burn your enemies. The Shrikator can launch legions of deadly shurikens that hit the walls and ricochet for limited amounts of time. Pirana Turrets can deploy up to two pirana turrets at a time to decimate your foes. Powerful weapons cost more gems to buy them. You can win the battle to earn gems. Try to collect Repair Crates, Gems and Health Orbs on the ground during the fight to gain bonus. Kill as more robots as possible. Are you ready? Fight!

DBZ Mission to Namek

This is another DBZ Dragon Ball Z game, you are helping Goku for his mission to Namek planet.


Originated from Japan and absorbed the essence of Chinese Kongfu, kumite has been spread all over the world. It is said that in kumite, the basic action can be learned within several months while perfect skills are not easy to get. Some learners can’t reach the highest level all their lives. Kumite is an action game on where you can practise kumite skills with opponents. There is no actually any rule, just attack your enemies by kicking and punching. Try to be quicker than your foes, otherwise you may use up your energy and lose your game.

Pencak Silat 2

Fighting game, the Pencak Silat is a martial art like Judo. You must find your disappeared master, the sapcebar will give you the possibility of giving the blows and the keys W and X to send your shuriken. (Translated by Google)

Roboxer 2

Roboxer 2 is a fighting game on in which you will fight with a strong man. You, as a player, have completed the protective measure. You can also change the color of the player, green, yellow, red, blue, all by your means. It is really an intense competition. Your opponent and you attack opposite party continuously. You can make a left punch by pressing the Z key. For right punch, press the X key. You can also dodge left or dodge right by pressing the LEFT and the RIGHT arrow keys. Press the UP arrow key for block and the DOWN arrow key for duck. Remember, do not attack too rapidly, or you will overheat. Your energy is indicated on the left bottom of the screen and your opponent’s energy is indicated on the right top of the screen. If the energy decreases to zero, the player loses.

Start Wars

It is well known that Ultraman is the hero who tries to protect the Earth from attacks. What if the heroes turned into bad guys who want to conquer our planet? Start Wars is a fighting game on in which you the protector’s mission is to kill as many bad Ultramen as possible before they kill you. You can defeat your enemies by laser gun or just punch them dead. Your enemies may come from both side so be alert and watch both your right and left side. Watch out the energy bar above you, and if you use up your health before your foes, you lose. Good luck!

Dressed to Kill

Play free game Dressed to Kill on

Heavy Firefighter

Play free game Heavy Firefighter on

Election Fight

Election Fight is a skill game on in which you shoot your rivals with tomato, cake and mud in Election. There are six candidates in this election. You shall first select one from them as the shooter. Then you shall choose your bullets from cakes, mud and tomatoes. When the fight begins, your rivals will raise their heads from one of the twenty chairs. Once one of them stretches out its head, you shall throw the ammunition you have chosen at their faces. You can use the mouse to aim and throw. The more faces you shoot accurately, the more points you can get. But if you miss ten times, the game is over. As time goes on, there may be more than one heads appearing in the screen at the same time. So you should be very skillful. Have fun!

Dog Fight 2 The Great War

Play free game Dog Fight 2 The Great War on


Play free game Xmasters on

Springfield Snow Fight

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Sky Fighters

Sky Fighters is a shooting game on in which your aim is to survive as long as you can and destroy as many enemies as possible. To attack enemies, your battle plane can release rockets, bombs and bullets. There will be bonuses falling down from the sky, and you’d better get as many of them as you can. Bonuses consist of homing guidance, invisibility, shield, health, rockets and bombs, and you can get them by staying at the point where those bonuses will land. If you miss them, you lost them. Watch out your time. Have fun!

Christmas Combat

Christmas Combat, which is a fighting game on www, Christmas usually for us is a peaceful holiday, everyone giving wishes to people, even those people you have never know before. But in this game, the Christmas is very different as we usually see and heard about. In this game, santa, ruoolf and snowman are fighting with each other, nobody knows what happen between them, let’s pick your favorite character to support him and fight with them! Just use your A,S,D,W, arrows to control the game, have fun and enjoy it!

Fierce Fighter

Fierce Fighter is a fighting game on You will be the national hero of China, Chen Zhen. Murderous Look value is decided by the use of the kill. Your value will increase if you hit your enemy. When the word skill appears, you can use skill - Tulong feet. When the word “kill” appears, you can use the most murderous action – madding action. Your Kill is unique. When the word “kill” appears, the skill can not be used. When the game starts, you can use the arrow keys to guide Chen Zhen and press the combination of several keys to attack the enemy. You may fight against your opponents in forest. All the enemies are holding sharp swords and other weapons. So be careful. Use your legs, arms and fists to defeat them. Fight now.

Lets Fight CF

Lets Fight CF is a sport game, presented by In this game you can play two different mini games. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the most common life threatening hereditary disease in Europe.1/30 Europeans carry the defective gene. Sticky mucus block the lungs and digestion.50,000 children and adults have CF in Europe. Accessing to good care leads to a better and longer life.So you must protect yourself. Eat healthy food, and make your body fit and strong by doing exercises. Use the arrow keys to move. Good luck!

Fight Man

There are many lowbrows walking on the street without doing anything good. As a righteous man, you decide to teach them a lesson. Fight Man is a fighting game on in which your mission is to fight against all those bastards. You can punch or kick, you can also make jump kick which is very useful. When you get attacks, you can block to protect yourself. But don’t forget to attack back, it’s your battle. Try to punch or kick your enemies constantly so to totally kill them. Good luck!

Dogfight 2

Welcome to Dogfight! Here you will kill enemies with your battle plane. In theory, this is a very simple skill game, as like other skill games on, its only goal is to defeat your enemies. You can navigate your aircraft to turn left and right, to fly forward or backward, or to make circles. Release bullets to destroy your enemy’s ships and be careful not to get hurt by those bastards. Good luck!

Four Fighters

Four Fighters is an arcade game on The four fighters are Flying Sword, Eastern Ray, Zen Master and Murong Lee. They have different Attack, Crit Hit, Defence and Speed. You can choose your favorite character. The fighter will face great challenges in many episodes. Episode one takes place at the foot of the Great Wall. You can shoot bullets to eliminate enemies, like dragon plane and space ships. The four fighters have different super weapons. Flying Sword can call crazy wind, Zen Master can create Frozen Ice Rain, and Eastern Ray can make Lighting Hit, while Murong Lee uses Shadow Attack. They will use super weapons to survive in danger. Avoid being shot by enemy bullets, or you will lose a life. You have 6 lives totally. The game is over when all lives are run out. Fight now!

Bilby vs Bunny

The Easter Bunny has been an icon of Easter celebrations all over the world. But Australians have often questioned its suitability for the country. The Bilby is a native Australian animal that has been endangered. It is a small rodent with a long nose and tail. In recent years a dispute has erupted as to whom Easter symbolism in Australia belongs. There has been no real way to settle this bitter dispute until now—Bilby vs Bunny, a fighting game on in which your mission is to beat your opponent. You can choose to become the Bilby or the Bunny, and then start the fight. The only rule is to get him before he gets you. Defeat your enemy and become the definite Easter symbolism. Good luck!

Ant Ken Do

Ant Ken Do is a fighting game on in which you try to fight against you opponent. Once it starts, you will be located on a single plank bridge over the river with you opponent. You task is to fight your opponent off the bridge with your only arms-a long bamboo stick. During the game ,you can click the samurai to perform middle attack、click above the samurai to perform high attack、move you mouse to steer and click below the samurai to perform block. If you were fetched down instead of defeating your rival, you have lost the round. Since the game begins, the one who has got 10 rounds firstly would win the game. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Air Fighting

This play is as which would say very hard. Still a play of shooting, which does not have to stumble level graphics, because it is clean, the machines are well modelled? One plays there with satisfaction. On the other hand, the difficulty is very high. Indeed, you must launch missiles on the various planes which are brought to your meeting. The fact is, that, each one not having same speed, you will have to save your missiles to have the time of all to clean up them in a precise order. Thus do not go there to the bourrin, or you are likely quickly to lose the part? Good luck!

Lord of Rings Battle

Fan of RPG game and fan of The Lord of the Rings ? You will like this game ! You play in the role of the old and talented man Gandalf, You must beat Huruk-Kai of Orcs all the monster the famous one to arm with Sauron, win your quests in this great RPG game ! (Translated by Google)

Funland Defender

Play free game Funland Defender on

Aniki Ping Pong

People play ping pong to compete, but have you ever seen someone use ping pong ball as bullets? Aniki Ping Pong is a shooting game on in which you will attack your enemy by throwing ping pong ball at him/her. You can play with the computer or with your neighbor. You can move right and left to shoot. Be careful not to be hit by your foe’s “bullets”, because too many hits will lead to your failure. Try to be accurate. Don’t forget to be quicker in that speed is of crucial importance in this game. Good luck!

Sidering Knockout

The objective of the game is to knock out all opponents and get the championship belt. Try to do combinations and dodge the opponents punches. A tip would be to find the best key combination and use it repetitively. Try not to get hit by spamming punches. Good luck!

Gryfka And Zoniek

Play free game Gryfka And Zoniek on

Arm Fight

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Osama Sissy Fight

A funny interactive cartoon with the character of Osama bin Laden, you need to click on the different buttons on the screen to make actions. Osama bin Laden is a controversial Saudi religious leader and the founder of al-Qaeda , a Sunni Islamist network that has been involved in attacks against civilians and military targets around the world. He and his organization are widely believed to be responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001 on New York World Trade Center.

Battle Bal

Battle Bal is a skill game on in which you should win your enemy by beating him more times. There are 2 people in the screen, your enemy on the left and you on the right, there is a purple “vs” sign in the middle of the screen. Both of you have 20 scores, press “go”, game will start. You hit your enemy by pressing “click” with the left mouse key, you reduce one score if you punch your opponent once, if your scores reduce to zero first which mean you hit him more times, you will win. If you lose, hit “click”, the game will start again.

Strategy Defense 4

Play free game Strategy Defense 4 on

Angel Fighters

When talk about fighters, people are easy to think about men, especially those with strong muscles. Have you ever thought that women especially good-looking women can also fight? Angel Fighters is a fighting game on in which you will control your beautiful and sexy angel to fight with enemies. You can play the game with the computer or with your neighbor. You can guard when being attacked, you can also give attacks by punching and kicking. When you see a sign on the screen, you can use super attack. Watch out your blood. Good luck!

Fighting School

Nowadays, school is not as safe as before. Many terrorists take campuses as their targets because they think students are easy to be threatened. But things are not that easy. Student hero with excellent Kongfu skills is protecting the school. Fighting School is a fighting game on in which you will be the hero to keep the terrorists away. There aren’t certain rules. All you should do is to punch all your enemies down. Be careful not to be attacked by them otherwise you will lose your energy. When you have 100% energy, you can have special power to give a super attack. Good luck!

Time Fighter

Time Fighter is a shooting game on in which you eliminate enemies’ fighters and save many ships. You are a pilot. A time fighter, fighting a battle against aliens that are attacking the world in the air on land and in the seas. A time-portal, secretly invented by the great Leonardo da Vinci, will send you into the future to help fight the battle in five different time periods. Beware of the weather. For it can be rough in the snow and lightning rain. Tornados can blow your plane out of control forcing you to go the direction of the wind. The greatest battle of our planet begins. Make sure that you are up for the challenge! You will drive your fighter over the sea. Don’t hit birds in the sky and avoid bullets from enemies. There are many small islands in the sea. Don’t crash so quickly. Good luck!

Crosstown HS

Crosstown HS is a fighting game on in which you will assaults with two scoundrels. One day, you—ALEX, are walking on the street. It is 3 o′clock in the afternoon. When you walk to the gate of a great building, here come 2 scoundrels. Both of them are in blue clothes and one of them wears sunglasses. They want to rob you, but you decide to fight with them. You can move your position by pressing the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. To punch, you can press the A key. You can also kick the scoundrels by press the S key. To jump, just press the D key. If you want to run for some direction, just press the F and a hold the arrow keys at the same time. Your power will be indicated on the left top of the screen. If you lose all your power, you die.

Way of Exploding Stick

Are you a Kongfu master? Or do you think you are? You can test your Kongfu skill in Way of Exploding Stick, a fighting game on In the game, you can set your own style by performing various techniques such as double punch, quick jab, spin kick, fast face kick, and triple scissor kick. Wow, if you can handle all these attacking methods well, how cool you will be! If your enemy is within an arm’s length, just throw him away. Also, you can give justice above while jumping, still or moving. Watch out your energy bar above, you will die when using up all your blood. Interestingly, you will get a one-sentence comment finishing your game. See what you can make.


Boxing is a fighting game on in which you play boxing with your opponent. You can press A key to start the game. When you hear a “ding” sound, you should take attention to fight with your opponent. The number of the stamina represents your power. You can press the “A” or “S” to punch opponent, press the up arrow key to block. When power meter reaches top, you can press spacebar to throw super punch. Don’t throw too many punches too quickly or you will lose stamina and be unable to punch. Knock your opponent down for the ten counts, if opponent can not stand up, you’ll win.

Hybrid Fighter

Hybrid Fighter is a shooting game on in which you fight against enemy planes. Once it starts, you will be located in the airspace and arranged to shoot down robot planes which are moving towards you and shooting you with laser weapons. You can use the (←) and (→) key to run left and right for avoiding being shot. Press the spacebar key to shoot. Make use of the number keys to win the game. Once you kill fixed enemies, this game will automatically turn into a new level with higher degree of difficulty. Beside, you can equip yourself through fetching down the enemy planes, and you totally have four lives to continue the game. Play now.

Interplacetary Fighter

Have you ever imagined that you were a space guard whose duty was to keep invaders out? That must be exciting! Interplacetary Fighter is a shooting game on in which you fighter with unidentified objects. The rule is simple. You just aim with your mouse and click to fire. But don’t forget to protect yourself because you may lose your energy when attacked by your enemies. Collect diamonds when you see them for they will help you recover. Though it’s an easy game, you can still have fun playing it. Enjoy!

Quarter Finals

Quarter Finals is a sport game on in which you play football VS strong teams and players. Your objective is to win the Champions League. You can use the arrow keys to move and run. Press Z and X to pass and shoot. Once the game starts, you can only control one player at a time and that player is the one with a green circle around him. Pay attention to the fatigue bar. If it is red your player will not have enough energy to shoot or pass. You can not control the players while the ball is at one of the goalkeepers. Your opponent will be harder to defeat as you advance from one phase of the competitions to another. You get a 275 points bonus for winning the championship. Do you want to show your football skills in the football field? Good luck!


Play free game WTF Doc on

The Fighter

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Fleabag vs Mutt

Cats and dogs are enemies since they were created. Have you ever seen fights between them? Fleabag VS Mutt is a skill game on in which you can help Fleabag or Mutt beat his opponent. In the game you can play with the computer or with your neighbor. You throw stuff such as bones or empty cans over the fence to hit your enemy until he gives up. It is a windy day, so you need watch out the wind direction which affects how much power you should have when casting your stuff. Try to use the bonuses above for they are really helpful. You can’t move so the only way to avoid hits is to hope for your foe’s misplay. Good luck!

Epic Monster War

Play free game Epic Monster War on

Kombat Fighters

In Kombat Fighters, your mission is to gain as many scores as possible by defeating your opponents. Before each round, select any order of three cards from your character’s deck, and then click FIGHT. Your order of three fighters will then compete against the enemy’s warriors. Pay attention to the information showd on every card, such as attack damage and energy of action. In this fighting game, all your movement is shown on the card, so don’t miss any valuable message. You can enjoy Kombat Fighters on Good luck!

Celebrity Fight Club

Celebrity Fight Club is a fighting game on in which you try to fight persons in a fight club. Before you enter into the club, you’d better enter your name on the line. When you play the game, you should use the keys on the keyboard. The “W” is left upper-cut. The “A” is left Jab. The “S” is right upper-cut. The “D” is right Jab. What is to notice is that the space bar is your defensive block. At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to select a fighter and bear him to get to the next level. This is an irritant game and it is suitable to the human who likes stimulates. If you play very well, it is possible to promote. While you play the game, there is music nearby your ears. Are you ready? Good luck.


A game of boxing world competition. Move your mouse left or right to dodge. Click the mouse to throw punch. Space bar is to block. Click ?C? means auto super combo.

Ant Arena

Ants are tiny and diligent, have you ever thought that ants can also be fighters? Ant Arena is a skill game on in which your mission is to lead your ant to win the battle. You control the ant to move around and try to go to the back of other ants so to hit them. You can also attack from your enemies’ side so to kill them. Don’t meet other ants head to head in that it will kill you. You have 3 lives to survive. Good luck!

Dragon Fist 2

Dragon Fist 2 is a fighting game on in which you fight against a number of opponents using personal attack skills. The dragon master is back. This time however he has brought a powerful weapon with him known as the dragon blade. Nobody knows where this weapon came from, but it is clear that whoever owns the blade will have great power. A few people are very interested… The object of the game is to defeat ten opponents that will get slightly harder each level. You can defeat them by using a combination of punches and kicks and also, your character’s special move. When your opponents’ life bar has completely disappeared, you have won. You will be rewarded with extra points if you manage to hit your opponent several times quickly or keep him up in the air. Do not forget to block. The hard punch and hard kick may seem slow, but mastering these is the key to win the game. Backflips are a good way to quickly move out of danger. You can select your character from Shaolin, Wu Tang, Ninja, Green Serpent, Master Cheng, Dragon Soldier, Lo Ki, Chingamy Yip, Onochi Takahashi, Master Kwun, Tang Mo Kei, Wong Su, Shun Lau, or Red Flower. You can choose your weapons from sword, knife, stick, spear, or halberd. Good luck!

Electricman 2 HS

Highscore version of the popular Electricman 2 game. See how you fight compared to the rest of the world. Welcome to the Tournament of Voltagen, where combat teams of varying numbers compete against each other to determine the most powerful being in the stickman universe. The current champion has never been beaten.Any combination of martial arts, street fighting and superhuman powers can be used to wipe out your opponents.

Presidential Street Fight

Welcome to Presidential Street fight. Here you will play either Obama or MaCain and throw ball to hit your opponent. You’d better shoot your “bullet” when the wind direction is on your favor, and to improve your accuracy, you need to arrange your throwing power which is shown on your gun body. Too hard or too soft the shoot will both result failures. Every time you knock down your foe’s boxes, you get points. And sometimes you get bonuses bullets such as televisions. In this shooting game, you have only one goal: defeat the guy in front of you. This game can be found on Good luck!

Snow Fighters

Arrowkeys are used for mobement and navigating menus. The x key is used for making chioces, forwarding dialogue or interacting with stuff in the world. A is used to cancel choices. Opens the in-game menu.

Kangoo vs Kangoo

Kangaroos are precious animals that only live in Australia. It is said that they have even more rights than people living there. They can disobey traffic rules and jump out suddenly at the center of the road, and people can do nothing to them. So if two kangaroos fight…can you imagine the scene? Kangoo vs Kangoo is a fighting game on in which you will be one of the kangaroo to fight with your kin. This game needs a friend close by because it is a two player game. You can control your pet move around and beat your opponent. Try to stay on the rug. Good luck!

Blob Kombat

Blob Kombat is a two player action arcade game from in which you can defeat your opponent by bouncing on his head. Player 1(which has the red cooler in the game) can use the up arrow to jump, the left arrow to go left and the right arrow to go right.Player2 (which has the blue color in the game) can use key W to jump. Key A to get left and key D to get right. In the game you should also take note of some special power-ups, the blue is for slow down other player, the red is for extra life, the green for bigger jump, and the gray for invincibility. Look out for the player lives .you will failed if the lives get over.

Wild West

Wild West is a shooting game on where you test your reaction speed. In the game, Willy the pig is in a really unpleasant situation where he faces a cruel enemy. The cowboy wants to shoot Willy dead! The only way to rescue the pig relays on your reaction speed. You have to press JUMP button the moment you heat the click of the gun. If you are not quick enough, the pig will get shot in his knees and then the stomach at last his chest. So jump, jump, just jump. Good luck!

Powerpuff Girls Battle in Mega

Play free game Powerpuff Girls Battle in Mega on

Sword Tournament

Sword Tournament is a fighting game on in which you fight against a number of monsters and gladiators for glory. Once in a year is the sword tournament. This time, you won’t miss it, and most of all you will earn it final price: the legendary Fire Sword, which bring power and reign over the entire kingdom for a year. But before you may try to floor the evil wizard Moryn, the path to his throne room is full of fierce opponents. Take your bravery, courage, tenacity, strength, and (…hum! don’t forget your sword!) go toward your destiny. First of all, you can go to the training room in order to practice how to use your sword. In order to gain a fight, you must hit your opponent ten times, or simply cut his head. Each time you will defeat an opponent, a password will be given, don’t forget it. Beware of the evil wizard and try to destroy him to win the tournament. Your can select your favorite character from six ones. The throne room of the wizard is like a ghost head. In the path is full of skulls hanging in the tree and bones everywhere. Once the head of you or your opponent is cut off, a monster will kick the head and drag the body away. It’s cruel, right? Good luck!

Mike Shadow I Paid For It

Play free game Mike Shadow I Paid For It on

Deepak Fights Robots

Here comes the skill game Deepak Fights Robots. Join it on freely. You are supposed to control the hero to get all the rotating balls in each level. Use the arrows to move the hero to his office first. When his journey begins, move the hero with the arrows. Avoid being touched by the wheels. Collect the bonuses and collect the largest ball to turn yourself into a superman to clear all the dangers!

Zero Matter

Have you ever thought that the space isn’t a peaceful place? There are many different groups fighting for control of the universe. Have you ever dreamed that you were one of them? Here is your chance. Zero Matter is a shooting game on in which you control your spaceship to combat invasion. You can play with the computer or with your neighbor. What you are supposed to do is simple. You just operate your transportation to shoot at the enemy ship. The first one to score 10 hits wins. But there is the challenge: your foes may appear rather quickly so you have to be nimbler and nimbler. The universe is relying on you. Good luck!

Gentleman X

Gentleman X is a fighting game on You can play this game with your friend because this game is about the fight between two players with kung fu. The two boxers will fight on the grass land. There are many flowers blooming on the ground. Two policemen are working near the road. It is a fine day with bright sunshine. Few clouds float slowly in the sky. Under such condition you and your opponent begin the fight. You can use the arrow keys to move your player around. Then use a combination of keys to do fierce attack. In one word, you must use your fist, legs, skills, and turbo attack to defeat your enemy within the time limit. Once neither side is defeated when the time is run out, it will be a draw game. Good luck.

The King of Fighters 1

The King of Fighters is a wonderful fighting game with great combo effects, you need to put your opponent to K.O. as soon as possible, please see the game instruction for game control option.

Punch Out

Boxing is a exciting sport which needs skill, brave and luck. That’s why it is loved all over the world. Do you long to stand on the stage showing yourself to the world? Punch Out is a action game on where you can punch three opponents. In the game, you can only use your fist, and no legs. To attack, you can give high punch, low punch, etc. Don’t forget to block, you will lose your energy if you are hit by your foes. Remember that when facing different foes, you should watch out different attacking styles, otherwise you are easy to fail. Good luck!

Crunchball 3000

Play free game Crunchball 3000 on

Pixel Monsters

Pixel Monsters is a fighting game on in which you create a robot and use it to fight against another robot. Pixel Monsters is a turn based battle game where the player must first design a monster which they will then use to battle against a series of computer controlled bosses. By using a combination of trumps like game play and a strategic RPG battle system, the player must defeat their opponent in order to raise their stats and proceed to the next round. After each round, the player must deside if they want to continue to the next challenge and risk losing their high score, or save their high score on the online scoreboard. The drawing screen is where you design your monster. The pencil tool will automatically be selected when you enter the drawing screen. To use it simply click on a grid cell that you want to fill. If you make a mistake when using the pencil tool, you can correct it by using the eraser tool. When the robot battle begins, you can click some buttons to control your robot, like Attack, Defend, Power Up, Heal, Shield and so on. Do you want to know more? Join it now.

Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo (also spelled Tae Kwon Do or Taekwon-Do) is the most popular of the Korean martial arts and is the Korean national sport. It is also one of the world's most commonly practiced sports. The World Taekwondo Federation's style of Taekwondo is currently an Olympic sport.

Mars Fighter

One day, the UN decided to move all the weapons on the Earth to Mars so that human beings can live a peaceful life forever. But aliens are attacking the base Marsepolis! As a brave soldier, you have to fight for human future! Mars Fighter is a war game on in which your mission is to get to the enemy battleship and destroy it. The battleship is the source of enemy planes, so ruin it at all costs. Watch out your bullets and energy. You can repair your ship at base house. Good luck!

Battle in Megaville

Battle in Megaville is a fighting game on in which you play as a martial art player to fight with kinds of different adversary on the arena. The arena is a square wooden platform and you two stand at one side of the platform with a complete black background. The basic skill of the player is to hit, attack, guard, dash, juggle and deflect. You control the player’s movement to give your adversary a beat. You can choose Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Dexter, Bell and Rowdruff to stand for you to be the warrior. Everyone has different attack skills and some has rather amazing unique skill. It is really a classic game that strings along with the teenagers for a long time. So just start to be the best fighter.

Pumpkin Battle

Pumpkin Battle, it is a fighting game on It is also a Halloween game. Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is a holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. It is largely a secular celebration, but some Christians and Pagans have expressed strong feelings about its religious overtones. Irish immigrants carried versions of the tradition to North America during Ireland’s Great Famine of 1846. The day is often associated with the colors orange and black, and is strongly associate with symbols such as the jack-o’-lantern. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting haunted attractions, carving jack-o’-lanterns, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies. Imagine that you were a pumpkin, your duty is protecting your kin and fighting with the evil pumpkin. You are their only hope. Best of luck, pumpkin!

Forest Fight

Forest Fight, which is a shooting game on One day you are going to visit your sickness old friend, but for reach his home, you have to through the forest and there are lots evils in the forest, they are waiting for eatting people, every evil got a knife with them, they will hiding behind the trees and kill you secretly. We will afford you arrows to fighting with them. You must be very carefuly of those crafty evils, they always appear indistinctly, so keep your eyes clear! Best of luck for fighting!

Santa Fighter

Christmas must be the most joyful period in the year. People prepare presents for friends and families from which they also get gifts. There is a very important role—Santa Claus who passes blessings from people to people. But my goodness, there is an evil Santa who wants to take over Christmas and stop people enjoying Christmas. The real Santa Claus must fight with the wicked Santa! In Santa Claus, an action game on, you will be the righteous Santa. There aren’t any rules. Just kick, beat and hit the nasty Santa. You get more points for punching him, rather than kicking, although the crouching sweep kick, can sometimes be the only way to get out of the bother. Good luck!

Kim VS Abubo

Kim Vs Abubo is a fighting game on in which you will help Kim to fight against Abubo. Kim is good at using his legs to defeat his opponent. You can use a certain combination of keys to control him and release turbo attack to kill Abubo. There will be three rounds in the fight. The one who wins two times will win the game. You can select different places, like the river, bridge, parking station, hotel, temple and so on. Abubo is very strong and skillful at using his fist and strong power. Once Kim is hit by Abubo’s fist, he will lose a lot of HP. You can try to make use of the good aspects of Kim and avoid his defects. Try to kick Abubo down within the time limit. This is the chance to join in a fierce fight.

ICW Backyard Brawl

ICW Backyard Brawl is a fighting game on in which you fight against different opponents in a special arena. Your power bar fills some when you land an attack or take a hit. Once it is full, you can perform your character’s specialized attack. You can select your favorite character. Static is the most deranged ICW competitors. So deranged in fact that in every match he entered, he tore his opponent to shreds, nearly killing many ICW superstars. Finally, the boss took charge and told Static that he must either become the most feared ICW champion ever, or be fired for scaring the talent. As the intense champion of ICW and partner of Angeldust, Ethan Paine had it all until word of him becoming a lazy, slow fighter reached his ears. With a newfound passion, Ethan sets out to defend his title and take out the only competitor he sees as a threat…Fate. Another fighter is Fate. As the owner of the company, Fate has been known to make dealing with certain underworldly powers. After being told by these powers that he was slowly losing control of his company, the only way to win back their favor, as well as the respect of the fans, was to take out the new champion, Ethan Paine. There are also other fighters here. The fight must be very fierce. Do you want to know more? Join and good luck for you.


A fighting game in which you can choose one of the two cachacters, you can make yourself the game control configuration, and enter in the fighting arena... an endless combat is waiting for you !

Take to Street

Take to Street is a fighting game on in which you fight against thugs in the society. There are too many hoodlums in the city, and we don’t know where they come from, simply remember what your mission is, destroy the gang and save the city. So put on your gloves and go for it, it’s a farfetched world with doodles, advertising papers on the wall, and you will meet 14 opponents through the game, which has a boss rogue at last; some of them have weapons such as crabstick, shovel, nunchakus, a pair of spatulas, a heavy steel chain… And the others may have special ability; they are good at speed, aggressiveness, or boxing. Use the control keys to attack and defense; you can take medicine cabinets to recover your energy. Try now.

KungFu Trainer

Kongfu, originated from China, is now wild spread and loved throughout the world. When training your Kongfu, you need to practice your basic skills everyday. But have you tried training yourself with watermelons? KongFu Trainer is a action game on where you can test your Kongfu skills. To destroy all the watermelons flying at you, you can punch at low or high position, or you can play both high and low kick. You will lose your game when hit too many times. Good luck!

Flesh Fighter

In this beta version of the game, you pilote a spaceship in middle of meteorites and alien spaceships. You have to explode as many as possible to gain points. Your score is shown on the right of the screen. Above it, the vertical coloured bar shows your life level that will reduce as more and more meteorites and ennemy's shoots hit you. On the right side of the life bar, your ship is shown in black. When your life level is close to zero, it will blink red to alert you. To start the game, click on your ship that will be directly linked to the mouse. You can then drive him by moving the mouse and shoot by clicking the left button. Good luck...

Downing Street Fighter

Downing Street Fighter is a fighting game on in which your job is to defeat all your opponents. Entering an established national tournament, known as “The General Election”, you must complete to defeat 8 other contenders and earn the title of “Prim Master”, a title currently being held by the undefeated kickboxer Tony ‘Ryn’ Blair of Sedgefield. You can choose to be Blair, defending your title or choose to be a rival and attempt to steal the title. In orer to beat your opponents, you have to be quick on your feet, mastering flying kicks and gravity-defying punches. Good luck!

Ninja Showdown

Ninja is a Sino-Japanese compound derived from the two kanji (Japanese characters of Chinese origin) used to write shinobi-no-mono, one of the native Japanese words for people who practice ninjutsu (sometimes transliterated as ninjitsu). Ninja and shinobi-no-mono, along with shinobi, another variant, became popular in the post-World War II phonetically with the kanji, has been traced as far back as Japan's Asuka period, when Prince Shotoku is alleged to have employed one of his retainers as a ninja. This is a fighting games between two ninjas, you can choose your ninja at first, and then in the battle, use the keys A and D to attack, arrow keys to move, spacebar to launch special attack.

Egg Fighter

Do you have one egg for every breakfast? Have you ever thought that if the egg was not eaten by you, it might become a fierce fighter? Egg Fighter is a fighting game on where you, as the egg combatant, fight for glories. In the game, you can choose either K.O your enemy or have the most energy when time is up. Also, you can play with neighbor or the computer. The rule is simple. Attack your foes by punching, and block yourself through jump, duck and move. Word to be wise: don’t hesitate. Good luck!

Global Rage

The world is no longer in peace! To solve this problem, the United Nation decides to host a championship in which people can fight against their enemies so that war can be avoided. Global Rage is a fighting game on in which your mission is to beat your opponent. You can play with the computer or with your neighbor. In the fight, you can use all kinds of punch such as normal punch and low punch. You can also crouch and defend. Good luck!

Bloody Rage

People always have various ways to calm themselves down when in the blaze of rage. What’s your plan? Try Bloody Rage, a fighting game on, where you can vent your rage by fighting against excellent fighters. You can kick or punch your opponent. Each time you attack, your rage increase and your power increases correspondingly. You can play some special tricks if you get enough anger. Watch out your health and don’t use it up before your enemy. There are several plays so when you defeat one you can go on to release your pent-up emotions. Good luck!

Dog Fight 2

Dog Fight 2 is a shooting game on in which your mission is to shoot down the patrols. The only rule here is to aim and fire. So once you see your targets, don’t hesitate to release your bullets or bombs. Be careful not to be hurt by your enemies or you will lose your game. Try to control the fly well or you are easy to be defeated. Try to summit the high score board. Good luck!

Jet Fighter

Invaded by alien creature, human being is facing the crisis related to the existence of the highly developed race. Three quarters of earth population is erased from the civilization and history, they have gone forever. Some survivors escape to the space station for a temporary stay, they are hoping to find out the way to save the earth. The future is on your hand! Jet Fighter is an action game, available on Good luck!

Stickman Fighting

Stickman Fighting is a fighting game on in which you can choose your opponent and fight against with him. While you enter this game; you can choose your game type in the screen (computer VS. computer, you VS. computer or man VS. man), go on and you will see the pre-made drones you can choose and some points blew, click on them to add or reduce. Then the screen turn to a white hilltop, you can see two fighters in it. The buttons below the fighters show the control-keys, music sections and so on .the railing above the fighters show their residual power. Once one of the fighter’s powers runs out, the game is over, his opponent wins.

Gordan vs Joling

Do you know Gordan? Do you like him? Do you know Joling? Do you like him? Do you want to witness a fight between Gordan and Joling? Gordan vs Joling is a fight game on in which you fight with your neighbor on Gordan’s or Joling’s behalf. The rule is very simple. Your only goal is to beat your opponent until his fails. You can move forth and back to find the best position and opportunity. To attack you should punch your enemy without any hesitation, just like what you have seen in boxing games. Watch out your life bar above, you will lose your game when it turns all red. Good luck!

Soul Fighters

These are the lifebars and the turns remaining in the fight. These are the fighters you can choose taki or mitsurugi. This is the control panel, each turn you have to choose an action here. To start the fight choose three actions from the grid. Choose carefully--your moves depends on your opponents moves. Each character has one unique combination of attacks which can be used as a combo. The defense moves block two attacks. For example high defense from both high and medium attack. These are the direction buttons left and right. These are the action buttons. These are the defense counterattack and attack columns. Soul Fighters is an action game on Good luck!

Dogfight 1

Dogfight is a shooting game on in which you will steer a fighter to eliminate the enemies’ aircrafts. The battle happened in the sky over a grey mountain. There is a small house on the ground and several trees grow among the grass land. The sky is blue without clouds. You are an elite pilot and must kill all enemies to finish each mission. You can use arrow keys to control your plane and press spacebar to shoot out bullets and missiles. You will first face one hostile fighter. When you finish it, you have to face two fighters of your opponent and cannon on the ground. It will become harder and harder for you to win. You may face gunship and other weapons of the enemies. It is exciting.

Deltree VS Deltree

A fighitng game that you can play with a friend on the same computer, keyboard controlled. The first player is on the left, it can strike left by clicking C, it can make an uppercut while pressing on W and put a blow of head while pressing on X! The second player is on the right, it can strike right while supporting F, it can make an uppercut while pressing on G and put in blow of head while pressing on H! Good fight!

Fighting Spirit 2

Some excellent battle plane pilots can play tricks when fighting against enemies. Do you want to be as cool as they are on your computer? Fighting Spirit is a shooting game on in which your mission is to shoot down as many enemy planes as possible. You control your aircraft up and down and when you see approaching objects, shoot them without hesitation. Try to avoid crashing because that will cost you one life and when you use up all your three lives, your game is over. Try to summit your score so to enter the high score board. Good luck!

Dragonball Z 1

Another version of Dragon Ball Z fighting game ! You use Goku to fight against Cyborg.

Dragon Ball Z

A great Dragon Ball Z game, you can choose Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta, Zarbon or Captain Ginyu to play. This game is played with mouse, but there are hot keys for each action, the keys are indicated below each icon. On the battle field, you need to decide your movement by selecting a direction, and then you need to choose an attack mode and the zone of attack, the battle goes turn by turn, the first one who runs out of HP will lose the battle.


Labeled an outcast by his brainy family, and a bouncer overcomes long odds to lead a team of underperforming misfits, beating the crap out of everything that stands in his way. Use arrow keys to move. Hit Z for Light Punch, X for Light Kick, A for Heavy Punch or to Skip Cutscenes, and S for Heavy Kick. Press P for pause and O for Options Menu. Now get out there and fight for your team. Goon is a fighting game on

Classroom Fighter

Classroom Fighter is a skill game on in which you will help a boy student to avoid chalks and blackboard eraser thrown by his teacher. Once the game starts, you act as a boy student and you are in a classroom. There are some desks between you and your teacher, it form a line of defense. Use the left and right arrow keys to avoid danger. Some time at the right side of the screen, there is a girl student appears and offers a ruler for you. Press the space bar to get the ruler and throw to your teacher. Besides, at the two side of your upper screen is your healthy bar and your teachers’. Pat attention to it. Now, are you ready? Let’s start it!

Fortress Games

What will come to your mind when thinking about fortress fighting? Maybe a castle, some soldiers, one or two commanders, and weapons like arrows or cannons. But in Fortress Game, a shooting game on, things are totally different. In the game, you can play with the computer or your neighbor. You are fixed at the spot and throw stones or shoes to attack. To adjust how far your arms go, you can hold and drag to choose the angle. The bigger the anger is, the further your weapons will go. But either a too strong or too soft shot may cause miss which will help your enemy recover. You and your foe take turns to attack, and you can do nothing to protect yourself, only to hope for your opponent’s misplay. Bonuses are useful in the fighting. Good luck!

The King of Fighters Wing

Welcome to The King Of Fighters Wing. In this fighting game, you can choose to play against computer or with your friend, and here is only one rule here—beat your enemy. Different characters have different tricks, and basically you can do jump kick, punch, and crouch. Don’t give your opponent any chance to hurt you because when you run out of the health, you will lose your game. You can find this game on Good luck!


Grotembit is a free fighting game on In the game, the mission is to kill all your enemies. Move your hero with the arrows. Press the key S to attack and A to jump. If you choose two-player mode, you can use keys WASD and IKJL instead of the arrows and 1/Q and O/D for jumping and attack. Once you kill one, you will get his energy. Try to collect the bonuses to strengthen yourself!

Space Dogfighting

Space Dogfighting is a shooting game on in which you should beat back enemy ship in your airspace. You ship, the condor k11, is a completely self-sustaining unit with solar cells that power all of the ship’s mechanisms, including the blaster and shield. For this reason, both the blaster and shield have a certain amount of energy stared at any one time. This energy is represented by two of the meters on your instrument panel. Fortunately, both the blaster and shield’s energy automatically regenerates itself over time ,but this is relatively slow, giving enemies more than enough time to destroy you .This condor is equipped with a selectable 3 made blaster. You can choose between 3 blaster types by simply pressing the button on your instrument panel: Standed-20% damage to enemy ship: 20%from your blast power cache、Pulse-5% damage to enemy ship: 5%from you blast power cache、Power-50% damage to enemy ship: 50% from your blast power cache. Play now.

Fighting Game

Fighting Game is a fighting game on in which you use your skill and strength. You can choose yourself and your enemy in the beginning of the game. There are totally three people you can choose, the first one is wearing purple clothes and has long hair. The second in yellow coat and green trousers, he wears a green hat. The last man was in an orange jacket and black pants. Choose the left one for your character and another for your opponent .Select a stage with different places for fighting, in the country yard, street or on the lawn. Use key A, S and D to control the fighter, strike and boot quickly and accurately to knock your enemy down. Your energy meter will be shown in the top of the screen. Beat him with least time and energy. Hope you good luck!

Fruit Fighters

Fruit Fighters, which is available on, is an awesome action game that you can win by defeating all 4 Xtreme Fruit Fighters. Choose an Xtreme Fruit Fighter from the character select screen. They are as follows: Tangerine Terror who comes from New York; Maniacal Watermelon who comes from the Asylum; Black and Blue Raspberry who comes from Bratislava; Jimmy the Green Apple who comes from the Waterfront. Each battle is decided by the winner of 2 out of 3 fights. You’ll gain points based on how much power you have left after each fight. You can gain additional points based on the moves you use. The four fruit fighters have different strength, speed and defense. Use arrow keys to move or jump. Press "X" to punch and "Z" to kick. Have fun!

Attack on Fighters

This game is about shooting planes and paratroopers, they are attacking the dam. You should defend the dam, shoot at fighters and red paratroopers, avoid shooting at civil planes, green and white paratroopers, aim and fire with your mouse.

Super Fighter 1

Chinese Konfu is well known all over the world. Many people want to learn Kongu for different reasons. For example, some want to learn the basic protective skills in case of robbery while some learn the skills to look cool. What’s your purpose? Do you know that in China, many people practice Kongfu just for glory? Super Fighter is an action game on in which your mission is to defeat all the three enemies to make the highest rank among all the fighters. You can play tricks such as crouchkick and punch. You can also play super move which is dependent on the training of each characters. Protect yourself and try not to get hurt. Good luck!

Whipsaw Fighter

Usually people give out different fight move according to enemies’ moves. What will a fight looks like if you plan all the sequence before the fight? Whipsaw Fighter is a puzzle game on in which you need to use your wisdom to design a perfect arrangement of moves. You can pick your sequence of moves which will show up on the bottom of action bar. Once you are done picking your sequence, click the GO button to start the fight. Points are based on how good a move you made. Good luck!

Fighter Patrol 42

Play free game Fighter Patrol 42 on

Pencak Silat

Do you like Kongfu? Are you confident about your Kongfu skill? Teat yourself in Pencak Silat, a fighting game on Before the tournament you can choose your character appearance. When in the fighting, you can step forward or escape. The attack system on this game could be chained into a combo, so try pressing the attack button several times for multiple attacks. To win the round, you need to knock out your opponent or pass the minimum score in the given time. With the points you have earned, you can buy items like hot soup or beers as rewards. Good luck!

Amoeba Amoeba

Amoeba Amoeba is a fighting game on This game contains depictions of cartoon violence. It is not suitable for players aged 12 and under. This is the world’s most realistic Amoebean fighting simulation. Do you have what it takes to become the Amoebean Champion? Can you handle the love? You will use fast punch, fast kick, fierce punch, heavy kick, special attack, and block in this game. There are four characters, all of which have different attributes, such as age, height, and weight. The first character is Granny. Fast and agile, Granny has been a feared opponent since her career began 15 years ago. The second is Butcher who uses his feminine charms to bewilder opponents. He looks good, smells better and hits hard. The third is Winslow Green. Raised by shaolin monks and later finding employment at a dog zoo, Winslow combines his two loves to create a deadly fighting style. The last character is Beast that is just an ordinary beast. The arenas scroll left and right, so if your opponent is too close, you can back away. Good luck!

Star Fighter

When you looking at the stars in a clear summer night, can you imagine that under the peaceful surface, there may hide some fierce wars? Star Fighter is a shooting game on in which your mission is to shoot those approaching planes. At the beginning it will easy for you to give correct shots and as you go on, you will find your targets flying more and more quickly. Try to be more accurate and confident. Good luck!


Sumo is originated in Japan and now with Japan’s increasing influence on the world, it is well known among all the nations. Don’t regard it as some easy game that just needs strength, actually there are many skills in sumo. Don’t believe it? Then try Sumo, a skill fighting game on in which you will guard the sumo player to fight against others. Before starting the competition, you can get the basic information about your opponent and also instructions about how to defeat him. Follow them to win the game. Good luck!

Fight Club 2

When someone is talking all the time and the words are offending you, what would you do? Try Fight Club, a fighting game on, and torture the guy as you like. You have many ways to stop him talking. For example, you can slap his face, grab his neck or even burn him. Whatever you like, just stop those annoying words. But remember this is only a game, and when you face someone like that in the real life, please be generous and nice. Have fun!

Joe Da Punch

Joe must to defeat all of his enemies to stay alive. If you fail, Joe will lose his life.

Tai Chi Teddy

Tai Chi Teddy is an arcade game on in which you are fighting with your opponent. Your name is Poo and your opponent is Teddy who is leaded by the computer. There are there levels in this game, they are high、medium and low, choose the level you want to play, then the game start. You are fighting with your opponent Teddy on the street; you hit each other with fists and feet. You can control your left fist with “S” key, control your right fist with “A” key, control your left foot with “X” key, control your right foot with “Z” key, and you can shoot him by pressing “S” and “C”, etc. The winner is who hit the enemy down in 1 minute. If you defeat Teddy down, you will move into the next level.

Spongebobs karate Contest

Play free game Spongebobs karate Contest on

Final Fight

Final Fight is a fighting game on in which your mission is to defeat your opponents. To attack, you can kick or punch or make combos. When fighting, you may find bonus items such as turtles which can increase your energy. You can go on only when you kill all the enemies in the region. There are two health bars at the top of the screen, one is for you, the other is for your foe. So watch out them with caution. Try not to be killed. Good luck!

Muay Thai

A really realistic thai boxing game ! The movements are fluid and authentic moreover sound effects are really super. In this combat game, all played with the arrow keys and X C in combinations for super special blows and combo !

Bushido Fighters

In Japan, bushido fighters practice their fighting skills everyday with fellows learning from the same master. When fighting, they will take each other as real enemies, and never be lenient. Bushido Fighter is an action game on where you will be the brave fighter. You begin the game with choosing your character and opponent. You control your warrior to attack such as jump kick, high kick, high punch and low punch. When being hit by your foe, you can block and move to save energy. You lose your game when you are killed. Good luck!

Paw Paw Miaw

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Pacma Fight

Pacma Fight is a fighting game. In this game, your target is to save your flourishing country from my evil twin brother. For control: you can press the “W” key to move upward, press the “A” key to move Leftward, press “S” key to move Downward, and press “D” key to move rightward. You can press the Space Bar to shoot at your opponents. Please keep in mind the hints: shuriken bonuses allow you to shoot at your opponents. Health bonuses allow you to shoot at your opponents. Health bonuses restore your health reserves. Each level has numerous secrets that store more valuable bonuses that can improve your hero’s health and give him temporary superpowers! You can jump much higher if you hold down the “Up” or “W” key. Never try to jump directly at your opponent’s heads-it is both useless and deadly! Ready? Go!!

Mustang Dogfight

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Wu Dang Hero

In ancient China, there were different Kongfu persuasions during which Wu Dang was an excellent one. Do you want to experience the feelings of being a Kongfu hero? Wu Dang Hero is an action game on in which your mission is to defeat all the enemies who try to disrupt the peace of Wudang Mountain. You can use soft kick or hard kick as well as soft punch. You can use your special attack only when you have enough energy. Try to protect yourself not to be hurt. Good luck!

Fight Club 1

Fight Club, which is a fighting free game on This is an open minded society. You can not imagine what crazy things people will do. There are so many clubs now, you can drink there, play pools, or some people have the same hobby to talk with. But can you believe it? There is a fight club opening now, but it seems like a pool place, you can choose your character there, then you will find your contender there. Good luck!

Beach Catfight

There are a few hoties gathered around to play a catfight, your mission is to win combats to collect sexy pictures of the defeated girl. They are so sexy that will surely appeal to you to try your best to collect the full collection of the girls in bikini. Attack moves sorted in three types from higher by press DOWN ARROW KEY, a lower punch by pressing RIGHT ARROW KEY, while a jab by RIGHT ARROW KEY. It is the UP ARROW KEY to perform a feint in order to pretend to attack the opponent. At last the SPACEBAR is used to dodge, when you realize the opponent is coming at you. Beach Catfight is an action game on Any combination of different attack moves will make a combo, which you must do it before your player finishes the move, and the another attack key must be different from the first one. A combo may be composed of several attacks. Good luck!

Matrix Fighter

Excellent flash game form Matrix the film, you are playing Neo, fighting for freedom ... Use the mouse to control.

Cock Fighters

If mention the most fight-loving animal, which word will appear in your mind? Snake? Dog? Does any one think about cock? Cocks love fighting. Don’t believe it? Try Cock Fighting, a fighting game on You need a friend close by to finish the game because it is a two player game. You can make your chanticleer walk forth and back to choose the best position. To attack, your cockerel can beak its enemy. To avoid attack, your cock can talon. Try to hold on until your opponent gives up. Watch out your life blood. Good luck!

The 12 Fighters

The 12 Fighters is a fighting game on in which your become a very strong man who will have an fierce opponent. Before the game starts, you can have a fight select. You can change the fight keys as you want to. Then you can start the game. Once it starts, you will be located in a room in which your enemy is standing. You must do your best to fight your enemy who is a terrible killer. Please don’t stop your attack unless you make sure that you enemy died. When you finish level one, you can go to level two. Then the place of your fight will have a change. But your task doesn’t change. Your task is also to defeat your enemy and keep your strength.

Armored Fighter

There are troops attacking you with their grenades, and others steering heavy armed vehicles to destroy your robot in order to stop your advance. They are insane with their weapons, along the road, there are obstacles mined on the way, which can not be stomped over, in this case, you have to advance before you take all of them off the street. The robot is fully qualified yet the weapon system is somehow a little out of date, which means they are invulnerable but will be excessively hot to go on shoot your bullets. So mind your gun and shoot at your enemy wisely. Armored Fighter is a Shooting Game, available on Good luck!

Space Fighter

People are curious about the space and they have sent great scientists into the universe to explore the unknown world. Space ships are main transportation used by researchers. But operating a space aircraft is not that easy—the pilot has to avoid or destroy all the rocks floating around. Space Fighter is a shooting game on in which your mission is to destroy as many rocks as possible. You can rotate your plane left or right to aim at your targets. Usually you need several shots to destroy a big stone. Try not to hit by the rocks or you will waste your energy. Good luck!

Christmas eCard

A greeting card to send to your friends on christmas day ! You are playing a mini street fighter game, to break a big sownball, in which is hidden your suprise present ! Very cute gaming ecard to send at once !

Street Fighter 2 1

Street Fighter 2 is a fighting game on in which you can play with your friends. The game can enable 2 players play. Once it starts, you should choose your character like Ken or Guile at first. Player 1 use arrow keys to control, player 2 can press the keyboard Q, Z, S, D. if you want to punch or kick you can press the buttons 4, 5, 1, 2 or F, G, V, B. Use spacebar to guard. Of course, here are six kinds of special skills. You can press the arrow keys with G, B, 5, 2 to use these skills. At the left and right upper screen are two meters. One is your Health Meter, the other is the Power Meter. When you healthy meter deplete slightly, your power meter will fill to max. Are you ready? Have fun.

Brare Sword

In middle ages, knights were important guys who were responsible for the King’s safety. Sometimes knights could have honored titles. Do you want to be a knight and fight against the bad guys? Brare Sword is a fighting game on in which your mission is to teach the guy in front of you a good lesson. You can give big attack which can be blocked while you standing a little far away from your opponent. When you are closer, try to use small attack which can definitely cause your foe some hurts. Fight bravely! Good luck!

Kungfu Fighter

Suppose you are a Kungfu master and now there are some guys coming to your house—they want to challenge you. What would you react? Fight with them or just tell them to go? I bet you will choose fighting. Why? Because it’s a matter of glory. Kungfu fighter is a fighting game on in which your mission is to defeat all the challengers. You can punch or kick, move around and jump to avoid attack. For you, the only goal is to win. Show us that you are a real master. Good luck!

Big House Beatdown

Now you?ve done it, Biedeman! You screwed up and got yourself thrown in the state pen. Barry and Lynard want pieces of you (though different pieces), even Shanahan and the other guards have got it in for you! You?ve got to fight to keep your? ?ahem?? honor. Use your keyboard to fight your way through the various opponents. Arrow keys control movement and jumping, Q and W keys throw light and heavy punches, A and S keys throw light and heavy kicks, E key throw your own special secret attack. As the fighters are damaged in the brawl, it?s indicated in their respective damage meters at the top of the screen. When the meter hits zero, that character loses the fight. Best of three fights wins the match. Beware! These guys have been in prison a long time, without the loving caress of a female. Wimpy attempts to fight can be quickly mistaken for a proposition, and you could find yourself the prettiest little girlfriend this side of Alcatraz. Avoid repetitious motions or overuse of your special attack. If the Prison Passion meter fills up, you might as well start shopping for a ring!

Morph Fighter

Momigala is a beautiful green city, a rarity in a machinery era of over population and over development in 25th century. However, this beautiful city is now occupied by an evil force of "Hell Wolves". After losing several teams of special forces, the outraged marshal of the Earth Federation decides to send out the ultimate ace troop, the Morph Fighters. You are a member of this elite team. You need to kill all the enemies in the battle. Morph Fighter is an action game, available on, for your spare time relaxing and entertainment. Good luck!

Dad n Me

Awesome sidescroller fighting game with insane combos! Experiment with the combo system to kill as efficiently as possible. This is one of the best flash games on the net. Meet dad in the bad part of town...

Hit Him

Are you fond of boxing? Are you excited hitting some ugly faces? Try Hit Him, a fight game on In the game all you can do is to hit the man’s face three times the same place as quickly as you can. It seems a very simple game, but things are not what they look like. The man in the game is moving right and left so quickly that you need fast reaction to follow him. And there is only 30 seconds every round. When beating him you can enjoy the change on his face. For example, if you hit his left eye once, it will turn red, if twice, turgid and when you beat one place three times, you will see bloody organs. Meanwhile you can’t touch that part again. Have fun!

Street Fighter 2 2

The best fighting game of all time ... rediscover the final combat between Ruy and Sagat, but you will see, Sagat are more stronger than what you think ...

Street Fight

When you are walking on the road, especially a noisy narrow street, and some scumbags come to you asking for money or cigarettes, what would you do? Give in or fight back? Street Fight is a fighting game on in which your mission is to beat all the dirty punks. You can punch them down or kick their ass, and be careful not to be hurt by them because that will cost you some health. When you run out of your energy, the game will be over. Be a hero! Good luck!

Lost Sweeper

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

DragonBall Z 2

Excellent Dragonball Z fighting game, you can shoose a character among Goku, Picollo, Gohan, Freezer, Vegeta and Cell. This game must be played by 2 players on the same computer, the player one should use H, K, U to move and A, E, S, D, W to attack, and the player two should use the arrow keys to move and the 7, 8, 9, /, + keys to attack.

Bikini Bottom

Fans of Spongebob? You fall right, game well done with the characters of the cartoon and their aspects which always make us laugh. (n.b: let commit suicide a round to see a typical reaction of spongebob).

Super Boxing

Super Boxing is a fighting game on in which you fight against two professional boxers in arena. Do you like boxing? Have you dreamed to be a professional box in real life? Maybe you have seen a lot of boxing matches in television. Here we provide a good chance to make your dream come true. You can select one opponent from two candidates. When the game starts, you will stand in the arena and face your enemy. It is easy to play. You can use the A key to give a fast punch and press the S key to release a power punch. Then use the left and right arrow keys to move quickly. Press the down arrow key to block the attack from your enemy. When your opponent is hit by your power punch, he or she will lose many more HP value. Punch your enemy down to win the game.

Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash, which is a fighting game on You ever play the Super Mario Brothers game, pocket monsters, Sonic Heroes...etc, there are a lots of games we ever play when we were a child, even now. But have you ever imagine if one day those different games character gathering together and have a fight, that must be very fun. Cause every character have their own special and abilities. Which is your favorite character, pick one from the list and see who will be your enemy? Might be Mario or Pika, who knoes?! Let’s see what happening...

Super Fighter 2

A street fighter like game, move the character with A and S key, punch and kick the enemy with the arrow keys, finish off your opponent as soon as possible !

Fighting Spirit 1

Fighting Spirit is a fighting game. In this game, your target is to defeat your opponent during each round. You can press the Up arrow key to move upward, Down arrow key to move downward, Left arrow key to move leftward, and Right arrow key to move rightward. You can press “A” key to punch, press “S” key to kick, press “D” key to defense. For other special skills, you can quickly press the Left or Right arrow key to run left or Right, you can press the Down arrow key and “A” key to uppercut, double press the Left or Right arrow key and “A” key to shadow punch, press the Left arrow key, then Down arrow key and right arrow key, and at last “A” key to shoot a fireball. Game start, let’s go!!!