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Final Fortress

Adventure Games

Final Fortress, which is a shooting game on As we know it, in every war, we must have a fortress to hiding in. One day you joined a military of your country, you have to br brave and fight with your enemies. It makes you become more mature and wise, it trains you facing the problems your own and knows how to solve it. You got a mission from the general that you have to keep your final fortress and not gonna let anyone in. Your enemies even trying to rush into your fortress by cars and guns. But you are not afraid at all! Face them, soldier! You are the new hero!

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Must Escape the Fortress

Welcome to play this adventure game Must Escape the Fortress on You are left behind in the fortress alone, and your mission is to escape from the fortress. Click on the screen to interact with the objectives. Then collect the useful objects to solve all the puzzles and find a routine to run out. The exit of one scene delivers you to the next level. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

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