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Flash Cleaner

Adventure Games

Flash Cleaner is an adventure game on Leon is the Flash Cleaner of your computer. He will get rid of all intruders in your computer case and keep it clean for a better use. Once the game starts, Leon is located inside your computer case. You can use arrow keys to move him around and press Ctrl key to fire. There are various invaders in your computer, such as fire ball, fat robot, virus, snakes, electric ball, and so on. You shall help Leon kill them all by his vacuum cleaner. There is a power gauge in the screen. Once the power is run out, Leon will not fire and must wait the power gauge to recover. The computer invaders will also attack Leon. If Leon is killed, the game is over. For complete the mission, Leon will have to jump from CPU to main board, hard disk, and CD-ROM. It is an interesting adventure. Have fun!

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