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Flash Runner

Action Games

Flash Runner is a skill game on in which your mission is to lead your player finish the competition. To start the game, you first choose your athlete. Different runners have different speed. You choose your way by aiming with the mouse. The father you place the mouse from the character, the faster he will go. You can jump over small obstacles like trunks, but you can’t change your direction or speed when you are in air. Collect items that can help you raise your speed. Don’t fall into the water or you will to restart from that point. Stay on the road to run faster. Good luck!

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Dungeon Runner is here free for you on The mission in this skill game is to help the knight to escape from the dungeon. Left click to start the game. Use the mouse to move the knight forward. Left click to jump. Collect the coins and bonuses along your way forward. Setting foot on the traps or touching enemies costs your life. You have three lives to start. Upgrade yourself after each level.

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