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Football Extravaganza

Sport Games

Football Extravaganza is a sport game on in which you play football by yourself and no other teammates. Ever fancied testing your football skills against one of the world’s foremost talents? Well now you have the chance! Legendary 70’s football hero Vick Plectrum, is taking on all challenges as part of his training schedule for the World Cup Seniors tournament. You assume the duty of goalkeeper, vanguard, center-forward, and fullback in the game. You can choose the band member you would like to play as, like Justin, Iain, Andy, Mark, and Kris. Once the game starts, you can use the up and down cursor keys or your mouse to move up and down. To move forwards or backwards, you can use the left and right cursor keys. Score as many goals as possible in two and a half minutes. If you keep a clean sheet you will be rewarded with an extra 60 seconds. Once you have completed the game, you can submit your score to the leader board. Enter your name and email address and you will be entered into the prize draw for a whole bundle of Del Amitri goodies. Good luck!

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