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Frog Pond

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Frog Pond is an arcade game on in which you help frogs crouching on lotus leaves catch flies in a clean frog pond. Different levels give you different missions. You must ensure that the frog in each level can eat many flies, or they will starve to death. The aim of this game is to raise up local frogponds population by assisting them in their daily lives. You can throw an acorn at any fly hovering over a frog’s head to feed, just as long as it lands onto the Lilly Pad. Be sure to feed those hungry frogs, their health will slowly fade if they don’t eat. By eating a certain amount of flies, a frog will grow up strong and healthy, the green growth bar will determine a frog’s development. Shooting bugs will gain your money. However, reloading your acorn supplies will cost you 10 dollars, try to keep in the black. Besides, you must remember that flies and glowworms are basic food. Bees are dangerous for they will hurt your frogs. Dragonflies will eat flies, so you should shoot them down quickly. Mosquitoes will take a nosedive right for your frogs if shot. Leeches is by far the most costly, and they will attack eggs in droves, so you shall be sure to check up on their movement often. Ladybug will get you gain a bonus point if nabbed. Ready? Have fun!

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