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Monkey Go Happy Candy

Monkey Go Happy Candy is a free puzzle game provided on The goal in this game is to find all the 80 bears to make the monkey happy. You are supposed to click at the objectives and characters on the screen to get interaction. Follow the clues and drag specific items to the specific spots to solve puzzles. Pay attention to you surroundings! Try your best to work out all puzzles! Good luck!

Monkey Go Happy Eggs

Adventure game Monkey Go Happy Eggs is free on! The mission in this game is to help the monkey to get happy. There are eggs hidden in the map. Click to find all of them out. Click at the objectives and characters to get interaction for clues. Collect the clues and apply them to the right spots to solve the puzzles. At the top right corner, you can check the amount of the eggs you have found. Have fun!

Monkey Go Happy Halloween

Monkey Go Happy Halloween is an adventure game from Join this game to help the monkey to be happy. Your goal is to build a Frankenstein for the monkey. You can dress your character as you like at the beginning. Tap on the screen with the objects and characters to get interactions. Drag the items you find to specific spots to solve the puzzles. When all puzzles are solved, the monkey will be happy.

Monkey Go Happy 5

Monkey Go Happy 5 is a puzzle game provided by Use your mouse to click an objects and locations on the screen, solve puzzles and more. Please make the monkeys go happy. There are 15 stages in this game. Complete stages 1-15 to unlock the final stage. You will complete the task and get the final victory. There are all kinds of games here in this website, and they are totally free!

Monkey Go Happy Dragon

The monkey is sad. Make some tricks to cheer the monkey up! Choose your monkey and then start the game. Click the screen to trigger events. Collect useful objects and solve puzzles by using the objects. Things you collect will be shown at the top of the screen. This adventure game Monkey Go Happy Dragon is totally free and it is from Enjoy the free games and have fun here!

Monkey Go Happy Tales 2

Come to to play the puzzle game Monkey Go Happy Tales 2! This is a free game and you will get an extreme fun. You are expected to find out all the little hidden monkeys.Click the screen to interact with all the characters. They will give you clues. After finding out all the objects, drag them to certain spots and then you can solve the puzzles. Now, use your smart brain to make your hero laugh. Good luck!

Monkey Go Happy Easter

The Easter Day is coming! But our little monkey is not so happy. Find all 100 Easter eggs and make the monkey happy! Click on the screen to interact with the objects and characters. Click and hold to drag items to specific spots to solve puzzles. Try your best to solve all puzzles. This adventure game Monkey Go Happy Easter is free. Visit to play more games!

Monkey Go Happy Sci fi

Monkey Go Happy Sci fi is a free puzzle game brought to you by Your mission is to get the monkey into the facility and rescue all the little monkeys. You can dress your monkey as you like at the beginning. Tap at the objectives and characters on the screen to get interactions. Pay attention to the details which may bear clues. Drag items to specific spots to solve puzzles. Good luck!

Monkey Temple

Monkey Temple is a shooting game provided by for free. Your objective in this game is to defend your treasures from the monsters. Move the mouse to target and left click to fire. Some enemies turn into coins after death. Move the cursor above the coins to collect them. You can use the same way to get back your treasures stolen by others. Buy new equipment after each level. Have fun here!

Hot Date

Play free game Hot Date on

Crazy Monkey Spin

First I will explain to you the name, why on the earth “Crazy Monkey Spin”? Ok, our hero is a Monkey named Mome and he likes spinning. More important, Mome will use this important skill to save his uncle Panda and other animals in the Happy Farm Zoological! (Those animals are not happy at all! You will see what I mean.) And then it is natural to call a spinning monkey “crazy”, right? (I think I have finished the job explaining the name.)Actually, Mome will be always spinning until you click your mouse to make him jump. Jump for what? Being the hero saving everyone! One more thing, Mome likes bananas, so make sure collect as many bananas as you can! (You have a banana card recording Mome’s bananas. How cute!) This great adventure flash game is presented to you by our website! I hope you like it!

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys, a puzzle game on for free, will delight you a great deal. Your mission is to find all 15 mini monkeys and return them to the basket. Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen. Solve puzzles to find all 15 mini monkeys. There are three levels in total. Exert your wits to reasonably apply the objects you collect. Enjoy the game!

Barrels Of Monkeys

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Jumpy Monkey

Jumpy Monkey, which is a skill game on In a jungle, we usually can see monkeys, foxes, bears and some other animals, if you are lucky, maybe you can see a Tarzan. Monkeys are very good in jumping, this is what we know and they love bananas. In this game, we are testing the monkey’s bouncing ability and your skills. You can not let the monkey miss any position, because he has only five lives. Do not miss any chance here and play this carefully.

Monkey Keepy Ups

Monkey Keepy Ups is a skill game on This is a very simple game that anyone can play. When the game starts, you will see a monkey and several bananas on the ground. All you need to do is to click on the monkey to make him jump. Keep him in the air as long as you can by clicking on him while he is still air-borne. As soon as he hits the ground, the counter will be reset, and you will have to start over. Check your score at the end of your games by pressing the Ratings button to the right of the screen. The longer you can keep the monkey in the air, the more points you can get. Are you ready? Click now.

Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3

You won’t miss a fantastic puzzle game Monkey Go Happy Marathon 3 on for free. Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen, solve puzzles, and shoot stuff and more. Click on the monkey of your choice, then press continue. Run cursor over balloons to pop for bonuses. Sometimes it is necessary to try several times to find proper solutions. Try to make your monkey go happy!

Monkey Kart

Jimmy Bananas needs to reach the finish in a spectacular race. There are 8 different racers and 5 unique worlds!

Monkey Lander

Monkey Lander is an arcade game on in which you try to get as many points as you can. In the game, there is a lovely picture. For example, there are monkey airplane and many kinds of fruits. Besides, while you play the game, there is very nice music reverberating nearby your ears. When you play the game, you will place yourself in a relaxed environment. Once the game starts, you use the arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate the monkey airplane. Once the monkey eats the fruit, you can get points. The different fruit has different point. In addition, bonuses, fuel and lives left gives extra points. Are you ready? Have fun.

Monkey Cliff Driving

When a monkey pops up, click on the little chappy to make him dive... time it right with the waves and wind and your monkey lives for another dive... the quicker the monkey dives, the more points you get... leave him too long and he'll dive anyway. CONTROLS: Mouse point and click.

Monkey Barrel

Monkey Barrel is a skill game on in which you try to catch as more coconuts as possible by moving a barrel. You can select a mode from level mode, score mode and catch mode. When the game starts, there will be two kinds of coconuts falling down from the top of the screen. You must catch them before they hit the ground. Use your mouse to move the barrel back and forth. Try to catch the brown coconuts and the bananas but avoid the red-scull coconuts. Once the brown coconuts fall down on the ground, its white juice will flow away. You are allowed to miss five times totally. If you score 100 points you gain an extra fall. You can set your initial speed from 5 to 20 at the title screen. Do it now.

Monkey N Bananas

Monkeys like bananas. But sometimes not every simian can get enough bananas because bigger stronger apes will keep the food to themselves and if any weaker fellow dare to steal the bananas, they will beat the weaker hardly. Now it is you who can help little monkeys get bananas—try Monkey N Bananas, a skill game on The proper time to steal the banana is when other monkeys are distracting the bad gorilla. Once you are caught, you will be beaten heavily and the game is over. Try to get as many bananas as you can. Good luck!

Rainbow Game

Rainbow game, which is a kid game on I think you never know rainbow can sing, right? A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere. They take the form of a multicoloured arc, with red on the outer part of the arch and violet on the inner section of the arch. More rarely, a secondary rainbow is seen, which is a second, fainter arc, outside the primary arc, with colours in the opposite order, that is, with violet on the outside and red on the inside. Let’s hear the music from the rainbow!

Monkey GO Happy

Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen, solve puzzles, shoot stuff and more, please make monkey go happy. A lovely monkey is somehow a little under the weather, he is even going to shed a tear, you have to please the monkey whatever he is asking for, just satisfy him and make him happy to laugh. Monkey Go Happy is a skill and puzzle game, available on, for your spare time entertainment and relaxing. Good luck!

Draw a Monkey

This is a very addicting free game, but the game instruction is not available yet, you can help us by posting a suggestion in our forum, thank you!

Monkey Hunt

Do you have the experience that you went home from work angrily because you were blamed by your boss, and unfortunately you had no idea to relieve yourself? Then you should try Monkey Hunt, a shooting game on In this game you can comfort your unpleasant emotion by shooting all the monkeys showing up. The rule is very simple. You shoot everything you see within 30 seconds and try to summit your score. Don’t forget to treat animals well—it is just a game. Good luck!

Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy is an arcade game on There is a monkey boy in the forest. One day, he finds a tall fruit tree and wants to climb up to the top of the tree. You must help him to get this. You can use the arrow keys to move him in four directions and press space bar to shoot out bananas to kill the enemies. In the process, there will be many chimps in the tree that will throw apples at the monkey boy. Once the monkey boy is hit, he will lose some power. Besides, you must also beware of the falling nuts from the tree. But you can try to collect the grapes, bananas and other fruits to gain points. You can also pick up the clock to obtain time bonus. The higher the monkey boy can climb, the more points you can get.

Rainbow Monkey Rundown

Numbuh 3 is cheerful as can be at rainbow monkey happy sugar land! But when king sandy sends his knights to kidnap her,numbuh 3 must fight her way out with her trusty yo-yo.