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Galactic Gravity Golf

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Galactic Gravity Golf is an arcade game on in which you will have an adventurous journey in the space. Now just in case you’ve forgotten the interface controls, or perhaps the object of the entire sport, here is a brief reminder for you. Use you skill and judgment to curl the ball around planets to reach the black hole. You can use your cursor keys to adjust the angle and power of your shot and then press space bar to release the ball. Don’t forget, even the tiniest adjustment to power or angle can change a shot completely. In later levels you can pick up fuel which enables you to briefly influence the speed and direction of the ball, again using the cursor keys. Each shot you make will either result in you getting the ball in the black hole, or colliding the ball with a planet. If you get the ball in the black hole, you move onto the next hole. Otherwise, you can take another shot. Each shot will decrease the amount of bonus at the end of the hole. At any point during the game you can press P to enter a password to switch to another level. However, entering password disqualifies you from a place on the top 10 scores or wining the Sunsurfer Cup. The more shots you take the lower score you will get for a hole. You should remember that even the tiniest adjustment to your shot can make an enormous difference to the path of the ball. The slower the ball travels, the more freefall time you will accumulate. And that means more points. Play now.

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