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Gangstas is a classic game on in which you have 365 days to earn respect in the city. Once the game starts, your respect, strength, HP, money, intelligence and days left will be shown in the upper part of the screen. You can select various crimes to earn money, such as pickpocket, rob taxi, car theft, extortion, deal drugs, rob store, fraud, rob villa, jewelry store robbery and bank robbery. You have your own house and you can sleep inside it. You can go to shops to buy weapon, like shotgun, machinegun, laser, nuclear gun, bazooka, mini gun, and knife. You can go to hospital to gain strength and go to fight arena to bet money. Sometimes when you are rich enough, you can go to Professor’s lab to get new stuff. When the time is up, the amount of respect you have will give a final judgment on how you have done. Good luck!

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