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Gem Craft

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Gem Craft is an arcade game on It is related to a story. Once there is a wizard to the east, somewhere at the mountains. For an unknown cause, he summoned hordes of monsters to slaughter the inhabitants and wreak corruption on this once prosperous land. Being a wizard yourself, you are one of those few who can put an end to the threatening waves of corruption. Thus you start your journey. To scroll the map, you can move the mouse to the edge of the screen. You can see your quick stats in the panel at the bottom left corner. To fight the monsters, you have to create gems and place them into towers. Towers with gems in them can shoot at the monsters. You can also throw gems directly at monsters. Gems of higher grades are more powerful. The grade of the created gem depends on which row you place it in the inventory. Try to kill all monsters before they invade the village. This is the war about gems. Do it now.

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