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Gladiator 1

Adventure Games

Gladiator is an adventure game on in which you are a hero to rescue the princess. There is an overseer of the arena in the game who will coordinate your battles. You are going to win the favor of a lady, but it won’t get you far without a bit of guts. The overseer shall be waiting in the non battle arena and help you. You can walk around by arrow keys and walk up to someone outside battle to talk to them. To attack, press X while in the battle. Press X multiple times to do a hit combo. You can also press x in the air to do a ground slam. You can press c to block, and then any enemies that hit you will be momentarily stunned. Watch out enemies can block you too. In the game, Konrei is a weapon trader. The goods Konrei has in stock varies from time to time, if he does not have what you want then come back later. Once you have bought goods from Konrei, you can go to your stash chest and equip your new gear. The stash will contain everything you own. You will be given a companion in the battles to help even up the scores. Your first weapon will be a sword and a shield. Kill all crazy dogs, zombies, beasts, corpses, and elite skeletons on your way. Are you ready? Fight.

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