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Gladicus Zero

Fighting Games

Gladicus Zero is a fighting game on In the game, you are Gladicus Zero and your job is to fight other robots to the death. It sounds pretty easy, right? No. You can buy different weapons to fight. XL5 Annihilator can launch small hydrogen fusion bombs at your enemies and blow them to smithereens. The Tyranator can blow your enemies into orbit with powerful neutron blasts. Seeker Mine Launcher can deploy multiple seeker mines that hunt down your enemies and explode with lethal amounts of radiation. The Armageddon can launch mini nuclear missiles at your foes, and destroy anyone foolish enough to stand in its path. X50 Hell Storm can launch highly explosive devices that burst into raining napalm and burn your enemies. The Shrikator can launch legions of deadly shurikens that hit the walls and ricochet for limited amounts of time. Pirana Turrets can deploy up to two pirana turrets at a time to decimate your foes. Powerful weapons cost more gems to buy them. You can win the battle to earn gems. Try to collect Repair Crates, Gems and Health Orbs on the ground during the fight to gain bonus. Kill as more robots as possible. Are you ready? Fight!

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