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Goo Slasher

Adventure Games

Goo Slasher is an arcade game on in which you must fight against pesky goo-blobs. In the game, you act as a knight. Those pesky goo-blobs have infested the forest! You must destroy every last one of the slime balls! Walk by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard! Press "A" to slash with your sword! Press "S" to jump! (If you press "A" while in the air you’ll do an aerial attack which is worth more points!) That’s all you need to know brave knight! Get out there and kick some goo-blob butt! Otherwise, you can use the (←)and(→)key to control your direction. You totally have 5 lives in the game. In order to win the game, you must kill all the pesky goo-blobs in limited time. If you lose all 5 ones before you finish your task, you will be out. Are you ready? Have fun.

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