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Greedy Pinatas

Action Games

Greedy Pinatas is an action games on in which you will swing your club. Today is your birthday. You have prepared some juicy fruit for your friends. But when the birthday party begins, you find that the juicy fruit have been stolen by Piñata—your pet. It will be a chicken, a pony, a bird or a frog. You are very angry. After the party, you decide to take back what is yours, so start swatting away. As you swat your way to the Piñata, you will encounter his friends—each tougher than the last. Some Piñata contain packs of new strappleberry and grapermelon juicy fruit. Eating 3 of them will boost your fruit power. Use the UP arrow to jump and the DOWN arrow to duck. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow to move your position. Press the space bar to swing bar. Get a high score and you can enter your name on the High Score Table!

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