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Griswold The Goblin

Puzzle Games

In Griswold the Goblin, a puzzle game on, you objective is to help Griswold in his quest by interacting with the world around and solving those puzzles and mini games that Griswold encounters on his way. The four mouse icons you can use to interact with the world are walk look touch and talk. Talk with your mouse when you click at the exact position. If you select a button, it will tell you what it is you have clicked on or give you more hints about things in your quest. Touch and talk will help you in the game to give your information. Good luck!

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Go Go Goblin 2

Skill game Go Go Goblin2 is provided by Come to play it freely! There is a tube on the left of the screen. When it is full, it means the power is the biggest. Click to shoot the goblin when there is a strong power, so it can collect coins as many as possible. You can buy new equipment in the shop after each level. There are labels telling how to use them. Touching eagles will help you fly further.

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