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GTO Redemption

Adventure Games

GTO Redemption is a classic game on in which you teach an awful class as a head teacher. You are named Onizuka and Japanese. Your want to be a teacher, so you come to a middle school for a position. The principal accepts you. But final exams are coming up in 35 days, and the class 302 knows nothing at all, because they are all retarded slackers. You have to change the condition of class 302. You will teach this stupid class to pass final exams. Train them in all four subjects (history, math, science, language) and make sure they are motivated. Just do what seems smart, and don’t screw up. You should teach different subjects each day. That way the class won’t be too one sided. Try to keep your HP at 100 at all times. Your never know when the vice principal is going to strike. In the game, you can select go to the store, go to front plaza, go to the arcade and go back to room. You can buy fish, shout at class, and beat up class… Good luck!

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