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Gunny Bunny

Adventure Games

Gunny Bunny is a shooting game on in which you are an interloper and your mission is to kill all the guards and enter the main hall. Firstly the game started, there are two bears fishing beside the river, aim at them to shoot, and then you can go forward. You have four kinds of arms, one machine-gun, one roer, a big flying cutter and a smaller one in each hand. Break all the defenses made up by armed machine mouse and flying enemies. Get advanced weapons by shooting them, you can also get food such as a carrot which will increase your energy. You residual life is shown by the carrots in the upper-left corner. Look out for them, when you use up your lives, the game is over.

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There is an adventure target in the game Acid Bunny. There are two choices for controlling. You can choose the first one. Use A to throw carrots and S to dismount. Press arrow keys to move and P to pause. You also can choose the next one. Press WASD to move. Use K to throw carrots, L to dismount and P to pause. provides this adventure game. Have fun here!

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