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Hans Vs Franz

Skill Games

Hans VS Franz is a skill game on in which Hans and Franz will drive two tractors separately in two different colors and avoid appearing collision. There will be a pretty girl named Resi as the judge. You can choose one player mode or two player mode. If you select one player mode, you will play the game with computer. And you will be assigned a yellow vehicle and the computer is a red one. The contest starts in a clearing with many squares and the two autos leave two streaks when they move up, down left and right. You can control the directions of your tractor by operating arrow keys in your keyboard. Please try to avoid impact. When your tractor hit the wall or another auto, you will lose this round. There are altogether six levels and each level has three rounds. If you failed in successive three times, you lose to complete this level. Then Resi will come to tell you the result. When you pick two players mode, you will run the game with your partner. Is it interesting? Go ahead to do it now.

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