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Puzzle Games

Hazard is an arcade game on in which you have hazards in many tracks. You will control cannon. Use your left and right, or A and D keys to move from side to side. Use your mouse to shoot your cannon. You can jump the blocks by shooting the floor behind you, it will blast you up and hopefully over the block. And you can roll or bounce your cannon to the next floor following the arrow. There may be colorful keys in the map. They are color coded. If you pick up a green key, the green blocks will fade so that you can move on. For something more advanced, you can try jumping up at the wall, then once you hit the wall behind you, you can jump higher and get to the top. Sometimes you may see some pink blocks. They will fade if you walk on them. So you had better hurry when encountering them, or else you will fall down. At the end of each track, you will enter a flashing portal to be transported to the next level. Try it now.

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