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Head to Head

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Head to Head is an arcade game on in which you will play an office head—to—head basketball. In this game, you are an office worker. Your boss and you have worked for several hours, and both of you are tired and bored. Then you think of playing basketball, it is really an interesting thing. But there is no enough time, no team and place to play, how you can do? Suddenly, you got a good idea, why we don not play head—to—head basketball? Then, your boss and you begin to play head—to—head basketball in the office. You are sitting in the chairs, imaging you are one of the EUR 2004, and heat the basketball with your head. In the game, you can use the mouse turning left and right to reach the ball, click to head it back and forth to the guy at the top for points. Only consecutive headers build up your score. Come on!

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