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Hedgehog Launch

Skill Games

Hedgehog Launch is a shooting game on in which you will shoot out hedgehogs by a sling. The game is related to a letter from President of Minovia Cay. It tells you that your background in the physical sciences has more than qualified you to participate in Minovia’s space program. You are needed to send national mascot into space… more precisely the Minovia Hedgehog. In the game, you can pull back on launcher with mouse to toss hedgehog. Use left and right keys to steer. When the hedgehog is in the air, you must collect cash and hit platforms to earn upgrades. First few launches may be terrible. You can keep practicing to get better. At the first time, you will be given some money to buy rockets, radar, launcher, or parachute, as you wish. Afterwards you can buy what you want and like by paying the money you have earned in the game. Join to be a patriot right now!

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