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Help Papa Rob

Puzzle Games

Why Papa’s lab is so messy. Oh my gosh, there is a thief sneaking into his room, and now you have to assemble his invention again and find out who is that bloody thief. There are many kinds of inventions such as a camouflage camera, which is not just an ordinary box. When a prof spying into enemy territory and needs to take a picture, this stuff can do the job. All the interesting gadgets are lying in pieces in the lab. Recombine them together, and check out what is inside. Help Papa Rob is a puzzle game which you can find on Good luck!

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A little robot has some trouble. He is trapped in a lab. Help him escape from the lab! Just use your mouse to play this game. Click at switches and other equipment in the lab to trigger events. Send him to the exit. Click and drag to move some objects. Robo Trobo is an adventure game provided by There are more games on this website. They are totally free! Enjoy yourself here!

Belle's Modern Wardrobe

Meet today's version of Belle, the Disney heroine from Beauty and the Beast! In the fairy tale version she lived with the beast in his castle and as a great reader, she loved his fantastic library! As a modern independent woman she has her own library full of her favorite books and she can browse through it any time she wants! Dress up the today version of Belle in her favorite place, her library.

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