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Shooting Games

Skillful like a professional, you are good at playing with fire, and a bullet in the gun makes you a cruel killing machine. In Hitstick, killers in black and sunglasses are pursuing you, holding a dreadful bullet shooting to you. You have to fugitive to survive and then fight back, until you eliminate them all out. If an enemy is too far who might be unattainable with your handgun, try using your sniper. LEFT click the mouse to fire, SPACEBAR to reload, and more importantly change weapon with the KEY Q on your keyboard. Enjoy this shooting game on Good luck!

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Hitstick Rebirth

Hitstick Rebirth is a shooting game on Your mission is to kill people given on the left of the screen. Use the mouse to move and target and left click to shoot. Press the space bar to change your weapons and R to reload the bullets. Collect objects on your way when the cursor turns into a palm. You can upgrade the equipment after each level. Enjoy yourself and have fun here!

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